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In late 2017, the Kitts Creek Board of Directors transitioned from being developer controlled to homeowner controlled. The developer, Preston Development Company, exercised their rights to appoint homeowners to the board rather than hold elections. Below are your 2018 Board of Directors. Subsequent board elections will happen at the December 2018 Annual Meeting so if you’re interested in running for the board, get involved now!

Kathy Sales
HOA Board President

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Kathy has lived in Kitts Creek since January of 2009 and has been actively advocating for Kitts Creek ever since. She served on a previous HOA as president for 6 years and has been a Kitts Creek HOA Board Liaison for 2 years. She lives on Somers Lane with her adorable black lab Sammie.

Leigh Silverstein
HOA Board Vice President

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Leigh moved to Kitts Creek in August of 2012 with her young daughter Addison, husband Cord and unruly puppy named Chance. She has served as a Kitts Creek HOA Board Liaison for the last two years, the social committee for the last 3 years and lives on the corner of Hildebran Lane.

Leo John
HOA Board Secretary & Treasurer

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Leo joined the Kitts Creek community in April of 2014 when he and his wife and young daughter built a house on Gamewell Lane. He’s an attorney by day and on weekends enforces the rules of soccer as a certified referee. His financial experience is a strong asset to the board.

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Submissions to this form will get emailed to all 3 board members.