The Board has been in conversations with our provider and experts and we have decided not to plow the alleys.  Below is the reasoning for those interested.

It is always a tough call to try to anticipate the weather impacts by the provider deadlines and balance the effective use of our resources against the most important factor:  safety.  The next two mornings will be icy no matter what we do.  Our alleys will be very slippery.  We urge great caution on both tomorrow and Wednesday mornings if you must be out before the sun and warmer air makes our roads and alleys safe – around 10 AM.  If at all possible, stay in during times there will be ice and invisible black ice.

As you know the alleys were treated prior to the storm.  Rain and temperatures above 34 all night melted more than half of the inches we got yesterday.  Driving the alleys this morning, most of them were a combination of slush and clear but wet surfaces.  The overnight temperatures helped and the pretreatment did its job.  But then temperatures dropped and additional precipitation a few hours ago covered the pavement again with a thin and slippery layer that plows can’t really address, according to our provider.

No matter what we do, our alleys are going to be icy tomorrow morning and then improve during the day with sun and projected temperatures above 40.  Based on what we know now, expert guidance, and knowing there is little we can do against the ice in the morning, our decision is that plowing won’t make much difference.  Plowing our alleys is very expensive and if it keeps everyone more safe, it’s worth every dollar.  If it can’t make much of an impact, then plowing is not a good use of our Association funds.

Enjoy the snow day and stay safe!