Those of us in Morrisville who want all traffic relief options kept on the table have been challenged by Council Member Rao to produce 500 signatures in support of keeping the Crabtree Crossing Extension (CCE) in the proposed Transportation Plan by 4 PM today ahead of tonight’s vote. He says he is undecided and is the swing vote right now.

Council Members Liz Johnson, Vicki Johnson and Jerry Windle are voting tonight to keep it in the Plan. Residents at this end of town need to keep being active and speaking up to have our needs counted in Morrisville. Mayor Cawley told Church St area neighbors who gathered at the clubhouse a few weeks ago that the wishes of Preston matter more on this than our traffic relief needs. Do you agree? Our Town is around 6 square miles. This affects all of us.

This Change.org is to tell the Council to keep this potential future connection from Town Hall Drive to Morrisville Parkway IN the proposed Plan to protect the Right of Way to the land. If it comes out of the Plan, the right of way could well be lost. The Council has been hearing from neighbors in the Preston neighborhood (many are Cary residents, not Morrisville) that they want this taken out of the plan. (Just the Plan, not an actual proposed project right now.)

If you want to show that traffic is our main concern with the growth of our town and you want this option to remain as a potential solution down the road, please sign this before 4 PM!


For extra credit, email the Council at towncouncil@townofmorrisville.org