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New Architecture Guidelines are here!

The KC Architecture Committee and HOA Board are happy to announce the culmination of many months of effort on behalf of a large working group of neighbors: the revised, reformatted and updated Architecture Guidelines are complete and immediately replace the old document. These new guidelines were researched and compared with other Architecture Guidelines in surrounding neighborhoods to make sure they help keep our property values high by keeping similar standards while also not being more stringent. Creekers can be confident that the Guidelines along with processes for improvement and keeping standards will keep Kitts Creek property values and ways of life here competitive with surrounding neighborhoods, towns and counties. Please take a few moments to read the document and if you have renters, provide them a copy. What is new: The new Guidelines are clearer and make many of the exterior rules in Kitts Creek more simple They have a more complete explanation of how to apply for ARC changes and how violations work The new format is much more straightforward and organized purposefully to make the Guidelines easier to understand Clear definitions are now in place for what needs ARC approval and what does not. There are details to help homeowners understand how to work within the standards in order to have what they want on each property, as much as possible, while still being in compliance Where applicable, the new Guidelines make clear the different rules for lots with a rear garage/alley or a front garage/no alley – fence placement is one example of this The list of improvements that do not require a lot survey/site survey as part of the application has been expanded and made clear Because the previous Guidelines were boilerplate, they often didn’t match real life in Kitts Creek - substantial effort has gone in to making the [...]

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Clubhouse Rentals

It is finally here! HOA members can now rent the clubhouse on more than just daytime Saturdays and for larger groups, starting immediately! As you know, we have cameras throughout the clubhouse now so we will know how many people attended and when a party ended. We have reworked the contract to include required signatures and initials accepting responsibility for all of the rules and acknowledging potential fines for noncompliance. And we are developing a checklist for closing out each rental. This is a 6 month trial program. If it is abused, it can be cancelled. Renters who respect the facility and the rules for using it will be able to enjoy active use of a unique facility – we are told all the time how lucky we are to have it by people who see many communities. Renters who see the security deposit and fines as merely the cost to do what they want will find substantial consequences. What has not changed: We are all responsible for doing our part to keep our whole neighborhood nice and the clubhouse is no different. Clubhouse renters should treat the facility as the valuable shared asset it is. The homeowner who rents the clubhouse is 100% responsible for everything that goes on during the event. The clubhouse is intended to be rented for personal use and not on behalf of nonresidents nor outside organizations The rules for using the clubhouse are the same. What is new: HOA members can select from two packages (a 30 person max or a 75 person max) and the pricing is commensurate with the size of the event. In the past, members who wanted to hold small events were priced out. Now we can accommodate either and know that the event that occurred was the size in the contract via the [...]

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HOA Progress Report to Homeowners

Thank you to the many volunteers here who have worked on various HOA projects for the first 7 months of our new HOA and continue to do so. Attached is a PDF of the update on our progress so far. Topics covered include: Progress made working on with the Town Updates on various amenities (Pool, Playground, Clubhouse, Dog Park, basketball hoop) ARC: new guidelines update and help for lawn care for homeowners Alley repairs Turnover of our last Phase Communication avenues (to and from homeowners) At the end of the report is a summary of the various ways to communicate your input to us and we hope you will use one or more of those methods.  

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Letter to those interested in group lawncare

Thank you for your interest in the all-inclusive lawn care service provided by Garden Supply. Based on your response to the survey we sent out to determine viability of this offer, this email gives you the information to join the contract directly with the vendor. All communications will come from the provider hereafter. The HOA has found this supplier and coordinated the information to try to serve the community but is not involved in the arrangement and can’t answer questions or solve concerns. If you would like to contract with Garden Supply please email Dustin Morgan, Please be aware that Garden Supply needs a minimum of 15 homes to sign up to offer this to owners. View Contract Details We hope you find this helpful and will be interested in your feedback. Kitts Creek Board of Directors Kitts Creek Community Phone: 919.659.1214 6333 Kit Creek Road Morrisville, NC 27560

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What to Know Before Heading to the Pool!

This year we have a new pool committee and some new ideas that we’re excited to implement for the new season! Concessions! Ever been at the pool and were just dying for something to drink? Well, we’ve got you covered this year (well on Saturdays). On Saturday mornings, different committee groups within the neighborhood will sell small concessions at the pool to benefit that committee. We’ve always heard families want snacks/drinks at the pool so this will be a trial to see how it goes and whether we should expand it. The goal is for everything to be $1 to make it easy. Feel free to give us some feedback as you visit the concessions table! Swanky Sign In Shade Structure Last year was the addition of the sign-in table and everything looked pretty temporary. This year, we’ve upgraded the shade structure and the sign in experience. Thanks for making this adjustment last year a breeze! Lap Lane In the last couple of years, there’s always been a designated lap lane but sometimes it’s hard to find because it moves during swim team practices or group lessons. This year there will be added signage to make it easier! Residents shouldn’t play in this lane as it’s for lap swimming only. Enjoy those workouts! What’s with the line? You might notice a new line surrounding the pool painted on the pool deck. In past years, when guards called for a 10 minute break, there has been confusion as to what that meant; could kids sit on the sides with their legs dangling, sit on the stairs, etc.? This year we are aiming to clear all confusion by adding a line to the pool deck similar to many other neighborhoods. When the guard calls for the 10 minute break, all residents under 18 years of [...]

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