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Pool closed

8/2/19 - pool closed indefinitely. There is a problem with the chlorination system at the pool so it closed today at 3 PM and will remain closed until further notice. Once this is resolved and the pool reopens, we will send out another eblast . Thank you for your patience while we get this worked out. Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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Q3 Exterior Updates

At one of our Drop-In meetings on Sunday, a homeowner asked that we remind everyone about the requirement to trim low branches off of any trees on your lot that hang over a sidewalk. We have had other recent complaints about trees hanging too low as well. So here are the details on that and some other Q3 exterior reminders: TREES & SHRUBS If you have shrubs along your alley or sidewalk, they must not hang over the alley or sidewalk If your front or rear tree(s) hang over the alley or sidewalk, the lower branches must not hang lower than six (6) feet. A six-foot-tall person must be able to walk on the sidewalk in front of your house or at any spot on the alley without any branches or leaves in the way. Next year, we are likely going to align that with local ordinances and raise that to seven (7) feet for sidewalks and nine (9) feet for alleys - so heads up for planning purposes. If you need to trim off low branches now, consider doing it once and using the 7 and 9 feet metrics. Fall is the best time to replace dead shrubs or add new landscaping (with prior ARC approval) FRONT PORCHES Most of our toys, sports equipment, garden tools, etc belong in the rear of the home or inside of the garage and should not be left on front porches per our Covenants and Guidelines. What is ok on front porches? Examples include: Furniture designed to be outdoor patio furniture, potted plants, neat shoe/boot stands, doormats or outdoor rugs What is not ok? Examples include: Bikes, pool toys, kids’ toys, garden tools, indoor furniture, loose shoes or boots, dog toys or bowls, out of season decor (pumpkins / ghosts in January, etc) HOUSE PAINTING Reminder: As [...]

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HOA Office closed

August 1st - The HOA office will be closed Thursday, August 1 and Friday, August 2 due to a conference. The office will reopen Monday, August 5. If you have an emergency please contact the CAS on call manager at 910-295-3791.

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2019 Second Quarter Mixer

The second quarter mixer for 2019 will be held on Thursday, June 27 at  7 PM. Please be sure to RSVP either via email ( or on As usual, we will have wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. At the mixer, 3 members of the Morrisville Town Council will be present. We will also be asking for your input!  We will show you preliminary design ideas for the pool slide for the 2020 pool season and *possible* playground replacement for the fall of 2020. We are starting to look at the playground now because, although it’s fine now, there are a few cracks beginning that could jeopardize safety sooner than expected. It’s due for replacement according to our Reserve Study in 2023. The company who makes it went out of business and replacement pieces/sections are unreasonably expensive. Kathy, Kevin & Jim

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