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New Clubhouse Info on Rentals and Improvement

As we keep learning from HOA and Rental use of the clubhouse, we continue to plan for improvements and ways to keep our investments nice. IMPROVMENTS Starting on Monday, February 18th, there will be limited access to the club room. We plan to have the following upgrades completed before March 1st. Door connecting kitchen and club room The existing pass through will be converted to a double swing door so that we no longer have to go around and through the hallway & back (many times) to use the kitchen This will make HOA events easier and will be more functional for Rental events We will lose counter space in the kitchen but feel the improved functionality is worth the tradeoff We will lose 2 cabinets in the kitchen Bar The multi-tiered bar is not functional for anything but serving drinks. We need a flat surface there for serving food. Also the bar was built around an ice cream freezer from the old EO “Carnival themed sales office” days. That freezer broke down last year. We purchased two under cabinet refrigerators last quarter, one with beverage shelves – these along with the 2 cabinets we remove from the kitchen will form the base for a large, flat island in the same location as the exiting bar. The surface of the island will be a beautiful and durable, heat resistant countertop with an overhang on one side. It will function as a bar and/or a serving surface. Once the island is in place, we will not need so many extra tables for HOA events or Rentals - which will be a better use of space. Hallways – the fairly new carpets are stained and frayed. We cannot clean them often enough. We are working on that next – stay tuned. CHANGES TO RENTAL POLICIES The [...]

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Inclement Weather & Alleys

Firstly, due to the inclement weather the HOA office will be closed today. Voicemails and emails will be checked periodically throughout the day. The fitness center will remain open at your own risk. Please use caution in the parking lot and on the sidewalks. Secondly, The Board has been in conversations with our provider and experts and we have decided not to plow the alleys.  Below is the reasoning for those interested.It is always a tough call to try to anticipate the weather impacts by the provider deadlines and balance the effective use of our resources against the most important factor:  safety.  The next two mornings will be icy no matter what we do.  Our alleys will be very slippery.  We urge great caution on both tomorrow and Wednesday mornings if you must be out before the sun and warmer air makes our roads and alleys safe – around 10 AM.  If at all possible, stay in during times there will be ice and invisible black ice. As you know the alleys were treated prior to the storm.  Rain and temperatures above 34 all night melted more than half of the inches we got yesterday.  Driving the alleys this morning, most of them were a combination of slush and clear but wet surfaces.  The overnight temperatures helped and the pretreatment did its job.  But then temperatures dropped and additional precipitation a few hours ago covered the pavement again with a thin and slippery layer that plows can’t really address, according to our provider.  No matter what we do, our alleys are going to be icy tomorrow morning and then improve during the day with sun and projected temperatures above 40.  Based on what we know now, expert guidance, and knowing there is little we can do against the ice in the morning, our decision is that [...]

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Three Important Updates!

We are nearing an exciting milestone in KC and this is the last eblast from the first Kitts Creek Board. #1 – The voting deadline has passed.  All ballots were collected and will be tallied on Thursday by a team from CAS.  Thank you to those who participated!  Results will be announced just before the conclusion of the Annual Meeting on Thursday. #2 – The Annual Homeowners Meeting of the Master KC HOA will be this Thursday, as you know.  We heard your feedback and have completely reworked the format:  much more fun and much shorter – so please join us!  Our main vendors have contributed refreshments & drinks to make the meeting more social – come see old neighbors and meet new ones at 6:30 PM.  The business part of the meeting will start promptly at 7:30 PM.  Agendas were sent in the mail in your Annual meeting packet along with the budget, a budget summary (new this year!) and the ballot you already turned in. #3 – How can you help?  Please read the budget summary you were sent and this updated version of the Progress Report sent last August. Community Update We will keep the meeting more concise by not addressing topics already covered in those important updates. Thank you for a great first year under homeowner control! Kitts Creek Board of Directors Kathy Sales Leigh Silverstein Leo John

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Holiday Lights Contest Sign-up Extended

The sign up for the First Annual Holiday Light Contest has been extended! Owners wishing to participate will need to register on the Kitts Creek website by December 2nd! Please register at An email will be sent on December 4th with a map of all homeowners participating and will place their votes online at the Kitts Creek website. Voting will end December 14 and the winners will be announced on December 15 at the Breakfast with Santa event in the clubhouse. The three homes with the most votes will receive the following prizes: 1st place - $100 gift card 2nd place - $50 gift card 3rd place - $25 gift card

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Fall Festival!

Kitts Creek Fall Festival is ON this Saturday (rain or shine) for amazing community fun!!! We can't wait to see everyone there enjoying amazing food from Stavi's Food Truck (vegetarian options available) and Kona Ice! The fun doesn't stop there with bounce houses, playground, give-a-ways, and a photo booth for memories :) AND we can't forget about the premium coffee and gluten free baked goods from Fount Coffee that will be served. Come join all your neighbors this Saturday at the clubhouse from 1-5pm as Kitts Creek kicks off the fall in style!! Stavis Menu Kitts Creek Social Committee & Cleveland Reality Group

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New ARC Change Request Form

Recently you received a link to the new ARC Guidelines. The ARC Request Form has been changed to match the new Guidelines and is attached. Starting with all October submissions, this is the form that will be required. Please get rid of any copies of the previous form to avoid confusion. New Request Form

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Sign this Petition TODAY 10/09

WE HAVE BEEN CHALLENGED! Those of us in Morrisville who want all traffic relief options kept on the table have been challenged by Council Member Rao to produce 500 signatures in support of keeping the Crabtree Crossing Extension (CCE) in the proposed Transportation Plan by 4 PM today ahead of tonight’s vote. He says he is undecided and is the swing vote right now. Council Members Liz Johnson, Vicki Johnson and Jerry Windle are voting tonight to keep it in the Plan. Residents at this end of town need to keep being active and speaking up to have our needs counted in Morrisville. Mayor Cawley told Church St area neighbors who gathered at the clubhouse a few weeks ago that the wishes of Preston matter more on this than our traffic relief needs. Do you agree? Our Town is around 6 square miles. This affects all of us. This is to tell the Council to keep this potential future connection from Town Hall Drive to Morrisville Parkway IN the proposed Plan to protect the Right of Way to the land. If it comes out of the Plan, the right of way could well be lost. The Council has been hearing from neighbors in the Preston neighborhood (many are Cary residents, not Morrisville) that they want this taken out of the plan. (Just the Plan, not an actual proposed project right now.) If you want to show that traffic is our main concern with the growth of our town and you want this option to remain as a potential solution down the road, please sign this before 4 PM! For extra credit, email the Council at

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Rescheduled TOM work

As you know the work the Town of Morrisville planned for last week had to be moved due to the hurricane. The plans are resuming this week. Per the Town: “The contractor will start repairing some of the sidewalk sections on Wednesday, but will not begin in the alleys until Friday. This will allow the trash and recycling service to be fully completed this Thursday. The alleys that are being repaired will be blocked off Friday evening, with access granted by late Monday afternoon.” The Board tried hard to get this moved to next week due to the sogginess of our grass areas, to no avail. The Town assures us that they will take utmost care due to the abundant hurricane rains and not to cause any damage. If you feel there is damage on your propery, please contact Dawn Raab in Public Works ( Alley work locations: 1104 Historic 2216 Historic 2504 Historic 1004 Governess 1108 Euphony 1012 Crinoline 2125 Aventon 1113 Circadian 1121 Pemberly 1204 Oatney 1117 Hemby Ridge 1213 Hemby Ridge 1300 Hemby Ridge 1805 Glade Valley 1416 Legendary 1332 Legendary Legendary between Gold Rock and Grantsboro Grand Liberty between Kit Creek and Legendary Grand Liberty at Kit Creek incoming (from Church St) Glade Valley at Kit Creek (South side)

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TOM Concrete Repairs & Alley Closures

Starting Friday, September 14 the Town of Morrisville will be making concrete repairs in some of the sidewalks and alleyway aprons. The sections that the town will be repairing cannot be walked or driven on until Tuesday, September 18. No alleys will be closed completely; just one end will be closed. Below are the nearest addresses to the alley aprons that will be closed Friday-Tuesday. 1104 Historic 2216 Historic 2504 Historic 1004 Governess 1108 Euphony 1012 Crinoline 2125 Aventon 1113 Circadian 1121 Pemberly 1204 Oatney 1117 Hemby Ridge 1213 Hemby Ridge 1300 Hemby Ridge 1805 Glade Valley 1416 Legendary 1332 Legendary Legendary between Gold Rock and Grantsboro Grand Liberty between Kit Creek and Legendary Grand Liberty at Kit Creek incoming (from Church St) Glade Valley at Kit Creek (South side) If you have any questions please contact Dawn Raab with the Town of Morrisville at

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Pool Closing Time

In the pool packet we all received last spring, the pool closing time shows a change from 9 PM to 8 PM at the beginning of August. This is an adjustment due to sunset being earlier and earlier as the season concludes. As you know, our pool does not have the necessary lighting for evening hours. There was some confusion these last few days because our previous management company didn’t properly communicate with TA last fall, resulting in them unknowingly not being on the same page about the date of this change. Everything was worked out yesterday and the original hours stand: for August and September, the pool closes at 8 PM. Other hours remain the same: adult lap swim is 6 AM – 9 AM and the pool opens at 9 AM. The last day of the season is Sunday, September 16th.

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