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Pool Closing Time

In the pool packet we all received last spring, the pool closing time shows a change from 9 PM to 8 PM at the beginning of August. This is an adjustment due to sunset being earlier and earlier as the season concludes. As you know, our pool does not have the necessary lighting for evening hours. There was some confusion these last few days because our previous management company didn’t properly communicate with TA last fall, resulting in them unknowingly not being on the same page about the date of this change. Everything was worked out yesterday and the original hours stand: for August and September, the pool closes at 8 PM. Other hours remain the same: adult lap swim is 6 AM – 9 AM and the pool opens at 9 AM. The last day of the season is Sunday, September 16th.

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Playground Closed For Repairs Until 7/24

Yesterday our vendor informed us that the work at the playground is taking much longer than expected. We asked for a new estimate on their completion date and have now received it. Unfortunately the playground will need to be closed until Tuesday, July 24th. They will do everything they can to try to be done sooner but want to be conservative and not have to delay further. Thanks for your patience!  If you have any questions please call the HOA office at 919-659-1214

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Pool Reopens Today 9/27, 9AM

Pool Reopens on Schedule! With the disgusting weather yesterday, most were not inconvenienced by the pool closure. Triangle Aquatics worked through the day in the rain replacing the damaged tiles to get us back up and running on time today. The pool will reopen at 9am! If you happen to see a Triangle Aquatics person as you're at the pool today, thank them for hustling yesterday to get us back into compliance! Thank you! The Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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Pool Closed for Maintenance

Pool Closed (All Day) June 26th (Tuesday) Good morning Kitts Creek! We have a bit of pool maintenance that needs to take place as soon as possible in order for our pool to stay compliant with state codes. This includes fixing some broken tiles and replacing a few valves. In order to perform this maintenance, Triangle Aquatics will need to drain some of the water from the pool, perform the fixes, allow them to cure and then refill the water. This will require a full day's closure. The HOA Board along with the Pool Committee and Swim Team have chosen June 26th so that we can lessen the impact on the community. The pool will operate normally on Monday June 25th, will be closed all day on Tuesday the 26th, and should open at it's normal time on Wednesday June 27th. We will send a follow up eblast letting you know for sure. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the HOA office. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep our swimming experience clean and safe! Best, Carlie Cobbett, CMCA, AMS Kitts Creek Community Manager Phone: 919.659.1214 6333 Kit Creek Road Morrisville, NC 27560

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Survey: Interested in a full service lawn care provider with group rates?

The HOA Board has often heard the request for an opt in lawn care maintenance program for the single family homes that is similar to those of the Bungalow homes. It has been hard to find a quality vendor willing to do this on an opt in basis (versus an entire section of the neighborhood) but we have found one! The full contract is attached so you can see the full list of services but the quick breakdown of what they will take care of is: -Mowing, edging, trimming and blowing off sidewalks/driveways/etc -Weeding and weed prevention for all flowers beds -Tree & shrub pruning, fertilizing and insect prevention -Grass fertilizations throughout the year and fall aeration and seeding That's almost all you need (besides watering which will still be up to you)! All of this spread out in payments of $175/month for 12 months. (This is pretty equivalent to what you might currently be paying someone to mow your yard weekly and for a service like Trugreen!) Now we need to hear from you! Please let us know if you: (Please click one link to vote) (a) Love this idea and think the price is fair for the services provided and would likely join (b) Love the idea of an opt in program but would not join at this price point (c) Would not join an opt in program no matter the cost

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TITANS Academy Group Swim Lessons – UPDATE

Thanks for the terrific feedback on the quality of the group lessons that have been offered at the pool! We are so glad parents & kid Creekers are so happy with them. And we’ve noted the request for options besides week day, daytime lessons. We will work on trying to find a solution to that for the 2019 season. Registration for July lessons will close on June 29th and July sessions begin on July 9th. Confirmation and invoices for those lessons will be emailed by TAC on July 2nd. Please see the attached PDF for details and registration links. Here’s to water safety and having fun learning! Kitts Creek Board of Directors TITANS Academy Group Swim Lessons

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Dog Parks and Tennis Courts Are OPEN!!

We are officially opening the dog parks! After a much anticipated and somewhat long wait, the HOA Board is opening the dog parks and tennis courts! What's been the hold up? There were several items on a punch list that we've been pressing Preston to address. Some needed to be done before we could open. While there are still some punch list items to go (sticking gates, dead plants), we can all officially begin to enjoy these new amenities. What should I know before I go? There are several things to know before you go to the new amenities. Where they are! They're located at the end of Elliott Ridge Lane. The code to the gates. While these aren't working 100%, the code for residents can be obtained at the HOA Office. Please do not post this on Facebook or share in a public forum. The code will be posted at the gates for a short time to help people remember and share with neighbors and to prevent the damage being done by people forcing and breaking in to the amenities. Carry in and carry out – just like the National Park Service (and our own Gazebo & Historic Green Pavilion). If you take water bottles, snacks, dog treats etc, please take all trash back home with you. As neighbors, we're responsible for keeping this area clean and looking nice! Please take a minute to read the rules and signage posted for each amenity. Hope you all enjoy the new amenities. If you notice anything that seems off or of concern, please report it to the HOA office or use the form at One final note: the gates on the dog parks are extra wide. Please do not hang or swing on the gates or stand on them to access the dog park [...]

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