Benefits of Aeration

Since we are in the fall season when everyone in a single family home is planning fall lawn services (aeration, overseeding, and fertilizer), the Landscape Committee has realized there are still some questions. These services need to be done anytime from now until very early November.  Here are the benefits of aeration: Stronger turfgrass roots Enhanced heat and drought stress Increased soil water uptake and use Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere Your lawn will be easier to take care of next spring and summer because of doing this now (and doing the February & March weed treatments). Before aeration: Mow your lawn. The clippings should be bagged, blown or raked off the lawn - this is necessary to maximize seed-to-soil contact This contact is a key factor in successful germination If you sprayed chemicals to kill the weeds, wait 3 weeks before aeration from date of application to aeration Common weeds which all are invasive and will spread easily if your grass is weak: Clover Crabgrass Quakgrass Bermuda grass Aeration packages normally include fertilizer and seeds. After aeration: it is very important to water everyday for at least 20 minutes for a few weeks. The main goal is to keep the ground and seed moist while the seeds begin to germinate. If you have any questions, please ask via Carlie (  **If your home is rented out during this time, please make sure your tenants are aware that this work must be done at your home or plan a contractor to do it for you. Thank you - Kitts Creek Landscape Committee

Update on Social Events for April

Hello neighbors - Due to the recent "Stay at Home" order placed by Wake County and the Town of Morrisville, the Social Committee is cancelling all social events through the end of April. With regards to Kriti specifically, we know a lot of the dance groups were looking forward to it and practicing for the show. Please know what we're looking at potential future dates for this event and we will communicate the plans once they're confirmed. Thank you, Kitts Creek Social Committee Kitts Creek Board of Directors

Closure of all Amenities

Gov. Cooper has ordered all public and private playgrounds to close starting before their opening times tomorrow. As a result, as of dusk today all of our KC parks will be closed until further notice:  Playground, Dog Parks and Tennis Courts.  The clubhouse is already closed. The Gazebo and Historic Green are obviously not lockable so please use the smart social distancing there that we are all already exercising on sidewalks during walks and in your lives in general. These areas will be padlocked and anyone entering is trespassing.  If you see anyone inside of these areas (perhaps from another neighborhood), feel free to tell them they are trespassing and must leave immediately. This will not last forever!  And we will rebuild a sense of normalcy.  There are wonderful examples of cooperation, generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness happening in Kitts Creek every day.  Keep putting up rainbows or holiday lights/decorations and chalking the sidewalks and leaving painted rocks to delight neighbors out walking. We've got this KC!! Stay safe & healthy, Kathy, Kevin and Jim

Interim Quarantine Changes

While we are all spending much more time at home, there are some things we can do to be ready when we get through this and to do our best to find the joyful times for ourselves and our kids.  With this in mind, here is what will change and what we can all do: This is a great time to use outdoor time to make sure our yards and exteriors look great so our neighborhood stays beautiful for great property value. There are yards where the grass is getting far too tall to be healthy for the lawn.  Right now, our grass needs cutting every 7 days or fewer since this is the fast-growing season.  Cut tall fescue no shorter than 3.5-4 inches or it will be much harder to keep healthy and keep weeds down when it gets warmer. Edge and trim:  along sidewalks, beds and your home Weed your flower / shrub beds Water - as needed, depending on rain Trees along sidewalks:  if you have a tree in your yard that hangs over the sidewalk or alley, make sure the limbs are no lower than 9 feet from the ground (same standard as Morrisville).  No one should have to duck to walk or run on any sidewalk in KC Trim shrubs - this is the time to give your shrubs a good cutting back to keep them healthy and full We will continue to do inspections.  For those sending complaints about some of the yards you're seeing, we hear you and are continuing HOA functions and responsibilities as best we can including yard upkeep. What is changing? We know that many of us are getting exercise for ourselves, kids and pets by walking around KC.  So if you'd like to put up any lights or holiday decor or have fun [...]