New ARC Change Request Form

Recently you received a link to the new ARC Guidelines. The ARC Request Form has been changed to match the new Guidelines and is attached. Starting with all October submissions, this is the form that will be required. Please get rid of any copies of the previous form to avoid confusion. New Request Form

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New Architecture Guidelines are here!

The KC Architecture Committee and HOA Board are happy to announce the culmination of many months of effort on behalf of a large working group of neighbors: the revised, reformatted and updated Architecture Guidelines are complete and immediately replace the old document. These new guidelines were researched and compared with other Architecture Guidelines in surrounding neighborhoods to make sure they help keep our property values high by keeping similar standards while also not being more stringent. Creekers can be confident that the Guidelines along with processes for improvement and keeping standards will keep Kitts Creek property values and ways of life here competitive with surrounding neighborhoods, towns and counties. Please take a few moments to read the document and if you have renters, provide them a copy. What is new: The new Guidelines are clearer and make many of the exterior rules in Kitts Creek more simple They have a more complete explanation of how to apply for ARC changes and how violations work The new format is much more straightforward and organized purposefully to make the Guidelines easier to understand Clear definitions are now in place for what needs ARC approval and what does not. There are details to help homeowners understand how to work within the standards in order to have what they want on each property, as much as possible, while still being in compliance Where applicable, the new Guidelines make clear the different rules for lots with a rear garage/alley or a front garage/no alley – fence placement is one example of this The list of improvements that do not require a lot survey/site survey as part of the application has been expanded and made clear Because the previous Guidelines were boilerplate, they often didn’t match real life in Kitts Creek - substantial effort has gone in to making the [...]

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Rescheduled TOM work

As you know the work the Town of Morrisville planned for last week had to be moved due to the hurricane. The plans are resuming this week. Per the Town: “The contractor will start repairing some of the sidewalk sections on Wednesday, but will not begin in the alleys until Friday. This will allow the trash and recycling service to be fully completed this Thursday. The alleys that are being repaired will be blocked off Friday evening, with access granted by late Monday afternoon.” The Board tried hard to get this moved to next week due to the sogginess of our grass areas, to no avail. The Town assures us that they will take utmost care due to the abundant hurricane rains and not to cause any damage. If you feel there is damage on your propery, please contact Dawn Raab in Public Works ( Alley work locations: 1104 Historic 2216 Historic 2504 Historic 1004 Governess 1108 Euphony 1012 Crinoline 2125 Aventon 1113 Circadian 1121 Pemberly 1204 Oatney 1117 Hemby Ridge 1213 Hemby Ridge 1300 Hemby Ridge 1805 Glade Valley 1416 Legendary 1332 Legendary Legendary between Gold Rock and Grantsboro Grand Liberty between Kit Creek and Legendary Grand Liberty at Kit Creek incoming (from Church St) Glade Valley at Kit Creek (South side)

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TOM Concrete Repairs & Alley Closures

Starting Friday, September 14 the Town of Morrisville will be making concrete repairs in some of the sidewalks and alleyway aprons. The sections that the town will be repairing cannot be walked or driven on until Tuesday, September 18. No alleys will be closed completely; just one end will be closed. Below are the nearest addresses to the alley aprons that will be closed Friday-Tuesday. 1104 Historic 2216 Historic 2504 Historic 1004 Governess 1108 Euphony 1012 Crinoline 2125 Aventon 1113 Circadian 1121 Pemberly 1204 Oatney 1117 Hemby Ridge 1213 Hemby Ridge 1300 Hemby Ridge 1805 Glade Valley 1416 Legendary 1332 Legendary Legendary between Gold Rock and Grantsboro Grand Liberty between Kit Creek and Legendary Grand Liberty at Kit Creek incoming (from Church St) Glade Valley at Kit Creek (South side) If you have any questions please contact Dawn Raab with the Town of Morrisville at

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Clubhouse Rentals

It is finally here! HOA members can now rent the clubhouse on more than just daytime Saturdays and for larger groups, starting immediately! As you know, we have cameras throughout the clubhouse now so we will know how many people attended and when a party ended. We have reworked the contract to include required signatures and initials accepting responsibility for all of the rules and acknowledging potential fines for noncompliance. And we are developing a checklist for closing out each rental. This is a 6 month trial program. If it is abused, it can be cancelled. Renters who respect the facility and the rules for using it will be able to enjoy active use of a unique facility – we are told all the time how lucky we are to have it by people who see many communities. Renters who see the security deposit and fines as merely the cost to do what they want will find substantial consequences. What has not changed: We are all responsible for doing our part to keep our whole neighborhood nice and the clubhouse is no different. Clubhouse renters should treat the facility as the valuable shared asset it is. The homeowner who rents the clubhouse is 100% responsible for everything that goes on during the event. The clubhouse is intended to be rented for personal use and not on behalf of nonresidents nor outside organizations The rules for using the clubhouse are the same. What is new: HOA members can select from two packages (a 30 person max or a 75 person max) and the pricing is commensurate with the size of the event. In the past, members who wanted to hold small events were priced out. Now we can accommodate either and know that the event that occurred was the size in the contract via the [...]

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HOA Progress Report to Homeowners

Thank you to the many volunteers here who have worked on various HOA projects for the first 7 months of our new HOA and continue to do so. Attached is a PDF of the update on our progress so far. Topics covered include: Progress made working on with the Town Updates on various amenities (Pool, Playground, Clubhouse, Dog Park, basketball hoop) ARC: new guidelines update and help for lawn care for homeowners Alley repairs Turnover of our last Phase Communication avenues (to and from homeowners) At the end of the report is a summary of the various ways to communicate your input to us and we hope you will use one or more of those methods.  

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Letter to those interested in group lawncare

Thank you for your interest in the all-inclusive lawn care service provided by Garden Supply. Based on your response to the survey we sent out to determine viability of this offer, this email gives you the information to join the contract directly with the vendor. All communications will come from the provider hereafter. The HOA has found this supplier and coordinated the information to try to serve the community but is not involved in the arrangement and can’t answer questions or solve concerns. If you would like to contract with Garden Supply please email Dustin Morgan, Please be aware that Garden Supply needs a minimum of 15 homes to sign up to offer this to owners. View Contract Details We hope you find this helpful and will be interested in your feedback. Kitts Creek Board of Directors Kitts Creek Community Phone: 919.659.1214 6333 Kit Creek Road Morrisville, NC 27560

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Survey: Interested in a full service lawn care provider with group rates?

The HOA Board has often heard the request for an opt in lawn care maintenance program for the single family homes that is similar to those of the Bungalow homes. It has been hard to find a quality vendor willing to do this on an opt in basis (versus an entire section of the neighborhood) but we have found one! The full contract is attached so you can see the full list of services but the quick breakdown of what they will take care of is: -Mowing, edging, trimming and blowing off sidewalks/driveways/etc -Weeding and weed prevention for all flowers beds -Tree & shrub pruning, fertilizing and insect prevention -Grass fertilizations throughout the year and fall aeration and seeding That's almost all you need (besides watering which will still be up to you)! All of this spread out in payments of $175/month for 12 months. (This is pretty equivalent to what you might currently be paying someone to mow your yard weekly and for a service like Trugreen!) Now we need to hear from you! Please let us know if you: (Please click one link to vote) (a) Love this idea and think the price is fair for the services provided and would likely join (b) Love the idea of an opt in program but would not join at this price point (c) Would not join an opt in program no matter the cost

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TITANS Academy Group Swim Lessons – UPDATE

Thanks for the terrific feedback on the quality of the group lessons that have been offered at the pool! We are so glad parents & kid Creekers are so happy with them. And we’ve noted the request for options besides week day, daytime lessons. We will work on trying to find a solution to that for the 2019 season. Registration for July lessons will close on June 29th and July sessions begin on July 9th. Confirmation and invoices for those lessons will be emailed by TAC on July 2nd. Please see the attached PDF for details and registration links. Here’s to water safety and having fun learning! Kitts Creek Board of Directors TITANS Academy Group Swim Lessons

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Dog Parks and Tennis Courts Are OPEN!!

We are officially opening the dog parks! After a much anticipated and somewhat long wait, the HOA Board is opening the dog parks and tennis courts! What's been the hold up? There were several items on a punch list that we've been pressing Preston to address. Some needed to be done before we could open. While there are still some punch list items to go (sticking gates, dead plants), we can all officially begin to enjoy these new amenities. What should I know before I go? There are several things to know before you go to the new amenities. Where they are! They're located at the end of Elliott Ridge Lane. The code to the gates. While these aren't working 100%, the code for residents can be obtained at the HOA Office. Please do not post this on Facebook or share in a public forum. The code will be posted at the gates for a short time to help people remember and share with neighbors and to prevent the damage being done by people forcing and breaking in to the amenities. Carry in and carry out – just like the National Park Service (and our own Gazebo & Historic Green Pavilion). If you take water bottles, snacks, dog treats etc, please take all trash back home with you. As neighbors, we're responsible for keeping this area clean and looking nice! Please take a minute to read the rules and signage posted for each amenity. Hope you all enjoy the new amenities. If you notice anything that seems off or of concern, please report it to the HOA office or use the form at One final note: the gates on the dog parks are extra wide. Please do not hang or swing on the gates or stand on them to access the dog park [...]

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