Q3 Exterior Updates

At one of our Drop-In meetings on Sunday, a homeowner asked that we remind everyone about the requirement to trim low branches off of any trees on your lot that hang over a sidewalk. We have had other recent complaints about trees hanging too low as well. So here are the details on that and some other Q3 exterior reminders: TREES & SHRUBS If you have shrubs along your alley or sidewalk, they must not hang over the alley or sidewalk If your front or rear tree(s) hang over the alley or sidewalk, the lower branches must not hang lower than six (6) feet. A six-foot-tall person must be able to walk on the sidewalk in front of your house or at any spot on the alley without any branches or leaves in the way. Next year, we are likely going to align that with local ordinances and raise that to seven (7) feet for sidewalks and nine (9) feet for alleys - so heads up for planning purposes. If you need to trim off low branches now, consider doing it once and using the 7 and 9 feet metrics. Fall is the best time to replace dead shrubs or add new landscaping (with prior ARC approval) FRONT PORCHES Most of our toys, sports equipment, garden tools, etc belong in the rear of the home or inside of the garage and should not be left on front porches per our Covenants and Guidelines. What is ok on front porches? Examples include: Furniture designed to be outdoor patio furniture, potted plants, neat shoe/boot stands, doormats or outdoor rugs What is not ok? Examples include: Bikes, pool toys, kids’ toys, garden tools, indoor furniture, loose shoes or boots, dog toys or bowls, out of season decor (pumpkins / ghosts in January, etc) HOUSE PAINTING Reminder: As [...]

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2019 Second Quarter Mixer

The second quarter mixer for 2019 will be held on Thursday, June 27 at  7 PM. Please be sure to RSVP either via email ( or on As usual, we will have wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. At the mixer, 3 members of the Morrisville Town Council will be present. We will also be asking for your input!  We will show you preliminary design ideas for the pool slide for the 2020 pool season and *possible* playground replacement for the fall of 2020. We are starting to look at the playground now because, although it’s fine now, there are a few cracks beginning that could jeopardize safety sooner than expected. It’s due for replacement according to our Reserve Study in 2023. The company who makes it went out of business and replacement pieces/sections are unreasonably expensive. Kathy, Kevin & Jim

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Newsletter from the Landscpaping Committee

Good Afternoon Kitts CreekThe Kitts Creek Landscaping Committee will begin meeting at the clubhouse at the first Tuesday of every month at 5 pm. If you have ideas or questions, please feel free to stop by. We may not have the answer, but we can point you in the right direction. Attached second issue of The Landscaping Committee's newsletter to the neighborhood! KC Landscaping Newsletter Have a great week!Kitts Creek Landscape Committee

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What to know about pool season – It’s almost time!

Our pool season kicks off this Saturday!  The Social Committee has some fun things planned - more about that soon.  And there is a new program for kids at the pool:  KC Kickers! Follow the link below to be familiar with everything everybody needs to know about using and having fun at our pool.  The format is new and much easier to follow!  Updates include details on KC Kickers, clarification on floats to avoid the confusion from last year, and an additional lifeguard during busy times. Also, we have already had a few requests to allow some kid Creekers to be entrepreneurs and set up stands at the pool.  In order to provide a way to do this that is fair to everyone while keeping it organized, we have set up some provisions and boundaries to accommodate all pool goers. 2019 Pool Rules Parents, please read through this update and help your kids understand how to cooperate to have a great season! You'll notice our new umbrellas providing more shade options at the pool.  As you know, the mister idea did not pan out due to the kind of material used to build our pool house.  We are busy planning the slide for the 2020 season and will be adding our ADA lift during that installation as well. Send any questions to us via Carlie ( or use the Contact page on our website: Thank you! Kitts Creek Pool Committee Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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Pool opening – TITANS Swim Academy and Wristband Water Safety Program

We are mere weeks away from opening the 2019 KC Pool Season! This is the second in a series of announcements to get ready for the pool opening. Last time, we announced the new water safety program that will provide wristbands to Kid Creekers based on passing swim proficiency tests. See that information and requirements for parents and kids here: Previous Eblast We asked for your input on what to call this program - thanks to everyone who submitted votes and suggestions. We are calling it KC Kickers! To help kid Creekers who need help to improve their water skills and pass the KC Kicker test to earn a wristband, today we are announcing this year's schedule for the TITANS Swim Academy. **Reminder: TITANS provides swimming lessons at our pool and has nothing to do with the Killer Whales Competitive Swim Team. Details on criteria, times, and how to sign up can be found here: TITANS Schedule Next week we will send out the last pool opening announcement which will highlight Rule and Procedure changes for the 2019 Season and some reminders about KC Pool operations. The 2019 Pool Rules will be included in full. Parents, please plan to read these and review them with your kids before opening day. Last, yes - the pool had an issue this week with a circuit breaker that caused the chemicals to be unbalanced and it turned green. Luckily, that happened prior to opening and fixing it won't cause any inconveniences for pool goers! Please contact Carlie with any questions. Thank you! Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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Newsletter from the Landscpaping Committee

Our new Landscaping Committee has hit the ground running and we so appreciate it! See their first newsletter to the neighborhood here: KC Landscaping Newsletter Be on the lookout! Coming soon will be: requested reminder of how violations work and reminders for spring, more information on the pool opening (changes, rules updates and swim lessons scheduling), update from MPD and the TOM on parking enforcement in KC and the requested summary of the Homeowner Survey readout and discussion from the last Quarterly get together. Have a great week! Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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Town Apron Repairs – This Friday!

The contractor for the Town of Morrisville will be making alley repairs starting Friday, April 26 (weather permitting). The sections that the town will be repairing cannot be walked or driven on until Monday, April 29. No alleys will be closed completely; just one end will be closed. Below are the nearest addresses to the alley aprons that will be closed Friday-Monday. Alleys near the following addresses: 1005 Semora Land (alley behind) 1000 Gamewell (alley behind) If you have any questions please contact Dawn Raab with the Town of Morrisville at Please continue to check e-blasts for potential changes to the schedule. Best, Carlie Cobbett, CMCA, AMS Kitts Creek Community Manager Phone: 919.659.1214 6333 Kit Creek Road Morrisville, NC 27560

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Pool Opens May 18th – CONTEST!!

FUN NEW WRISTBAND PROGRAM FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR SWIMMERS! This year Kitts Creek is kicking off our version of a fun and successful safety program used by large pools in the area by introducing a Kid Creeker pool wristband program. Kids love this new way to be involved at the pool in other communities and we hope its the same here! How parents introduce it will be part of that, so let’s make this FUN! The wristband program works by testing swimmers’ abilities and providing each a wristband once the child is able to pass simple swimming proficiency tests. These wristbands help lifeguards keep the swimmers safe by quickly identifying both those who might require a little more observation and our stronger swimmers. Swimmers under the age of 13 can either wear a wristband at all times while in the pool or be accompanied by an adult guardian over the age of 21. If a Kid Creeker is under 13: An adult guardian must be within arms reach of any swimmer without a wristband. (wristband aside, this rule has existed for the decade + the pool has been here) In order to earn a wristband, the swimmers will show that he or she can now swim the entire length of the pool unassisted without touching the ground, sides or lane lines. If they can, KUDOS! They win the right to wear the [Program name] wristband ALL SUMMER! If the wristband is lost, no worries! The swimmer can just pass the test again to obtain another wristband. The lifeguard may request that any swimmer retest if there is concern over the swimmer’s ability. The pool is a place for all neighbors of Kitts Creek to come relax, socialize and enjoy the summer season. Our top priority though is the safety of our young swimmers. [...]

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Gym Service Request Made Easier!

A New Way To Submit Service Requests - Introducing Our New Mobile Request Form! - Prosource has been engaged to implement a new and easy way to submit service request for cardio equipment to be serviced! With their new QR Code Service Stickers, anyone can send then a detailed service request while standing right in front of the machine. It's fast and it's free! How It Works Each piece of Cardio Equipment will receive a sticker with a custom QR Code. When scanned, this QR Code will lead you to an online form where you can submit all of the information necessary to get the machine fixed. You can even take a photo of the problem so we can see exactly what is going on! Quick and Easy Steps: 1) Find the Code Locate the Service Sticker on the machine that needs repair. Look for the GREEN border. 2) Scan the Code Using your Phone's Camera, scan the QR Code, and tap the link to access the form. 3) Enter Info Fill out the form, making sure to enter as much information as possible. Take photos of the serial number and specific problem areas. 4) Submit Tap "Submit". You will receive a confirmation message and we will set up a service call to your facility! If you have any question please contact the HOA office at 919-659-1214. Best, Carlie Cobbett, CMCA, AMS Kitts Creek Community Manager Phone: 919.659.1214 6333 Kit Creek Road Morrisville, NC 27560

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Mailbox Reflectors – Addition to ARC Guidelines

Recently the HOA Board received a written request to come up with Guidelines for the addition of reflectors to our mailboxes. We looked in to this and talked with other neighborhoods. The result is this new standard that will be added to our ARC Guidelines: - Homeowners may add one of these reflectors (or highly similar) to the mailbox without requesting ARC approval:- Color must be red, size must be approximately 1 inch x 6 inches - Must be in this exact location (on Right side if facing mailbox / aka driver approach side)   No other sizes, quantities, colors or locations are included in the standard. Thank you, Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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