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1506, 2018

Dog Parks and Tennis Courts Are OPEN!!

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We are officially opening the dog parks! After a much anticipated and somewhat long wait, the HOA Board is opening the dog parks and tennis courts! What's been the hold up? There were several items on a punch list that we've been pressing Preston to address. Some needed to be done before we could open. While there are still some punch list items to go (sticking gates, dead plants), we can all officially begin to enjoy these new amenities. What should I know before I go? There are several things to know before you go to the new amenities. Where they are! They're located at the end of Elliott Ridge Lane. [...]

1106, 2018

Results of Traffic Study

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Concerned about the occasional aggressive drivers speeding through Kitts Creek? The Town of Morrisville recently preformed a traffic study at many of the usual speeding spots in Kitts Creek. The Morrisville Police Department came out Tuesday May 29th to share the results with us. While we do have some speeders, there aren't enough to warrant additional traffic calming measures at this time. Also, while the MPD takes speeding very seriously, the speeding occurs at times that MPD cannot always be here to monitor and catch the drivers and usually it's one speeder out of of many many cars. We really need to help police ourselves. Much of the speeding is done [...]

806, 2018

Tips for Refreshing Your Mailbox

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Helpful tips from one of your neighbors: 1.) Product Information: Creekers are going to want to seek out exterior spray paint that's made for weather and rust proof. I like Rustoleum brand. They will need a high gloss red (this is it's actual name, so not brick red or flame red or such) and a flat black. Be careful, because a lot of the blacks are satin or high gloss which is against HOA regulations. If you plan on painting your numbers (which I recommend) you will need a basic brass. You will also need a clear protective finishing spray (again made for outdoors and rust proof.) Otherwise you will be [...]

2405, 2018

What to Know Before Heading to the Pool!

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This year we have a new pool committee and some new ideas that we’re excited to implement for the new season! Concessions! Ever been at the pool and were just dying for something to drink? Well, we’ve got you covered this year (well on Saturdays). On Saturday mornings, different committee groups within the neighborhood will sell small concessions at the pool to benefit that committee. We’ve always heard families want snacks/drinks at the pool so this will be a trial to see how it goes and whether we should expand it. The goal is for everything to be $1 to make it easy. Feel free to give us some feedback [...]

2005, 2018

Community Garden

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Did you know we have a Community Garden? The Garden Club has been busy and we are now harvesting from our early spring planting. You can join today and enjoy fresh vegetables this week. The fee and time commitment are nominal, and you'll have the opportunity to meet new neighbors. All the summer favorites are in the ground, but we need at least 25 families in the Garden Club to secure our water hookup. Here's how to join:

105, 2018

Group Swim Lessons

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As you know, we have been working on making significant improvements about how the pool operates this season. One of those enhancements is offering group swimming lessons from TITAN Swim Academy, led by a gifted teacher and elite level athlete. The ability to swim and be safe around water is a valuable life skill for anyone so opening those opportunities here at our pool this season is important. There will also be opportunities for private lessons. How to initiate those and why using Kitts Creek swim team coaches has advantages over outside instructors will be covered in a separate email. These lessons are open to all residents of Kitts Creek. Kitts [...]