1901, 2021

Parking lots and Playground closures

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Roof Replacement on the gazebo, clubhouse, pool house and 2 storage garages begins one week from today (Monday, January 25th) What you need to know: January 22th (this Friday) at 6 PM, both parking lots will close for Feazel to begin to stage equipment over the weekend. After 6 PM Friday, no vehicles aside from CAS and the roof workers will have use of either parking lot during the project. Any vehicles left in either lot after 6 PM on Friday will be towed. The playground and the gazebo will both be closed for the duration of the project, beginning this coming Sunday, January 24th at 6 PM. Workers will arrive [...]

1101, 2021

Upcoming HOA projects in the Common Areas

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As you know, we are starting the year with a number of common area updates and improvements due to wear & tear, changing codes, security and storm damage.  All of the work is around what we call the Core Complex (from the North parking lot to the Gazebo to the playground to clubhouse/pool grounds & parking lot). We will need everyone's assistance in order to complete these projects in a timely manner! Here is what to expect: Roof Replacement (begins January 25th, weather permitting):  Due to last year's hail storm, all 5 buildings are getting new roofs (gazebo, clubhouse, pool house, and 2 storage garages).  What you need to know: January [...]

1512, 2020

Extra Holiday Cheer

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The Board has extended the deadline to remove Holiday decorations until January 31, 2021. The hope is to bring a few extra weeks of cheer while January is cold and dark. Happy Holidays!

210, 2020

Benefits of Aeration

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Since we are in the fall season when everyone in a single family home is planning fall lawn services (aeration, overseeding, and fertilizer), the Landscape Committee has realized there are still some questions. These services need to be done anytime from now until very early November.  Here are the benefits of aeration: Stronger turfgrass roots Enhanced heat and drought stress Increased soil water uptake and use Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere Your lawn will be easier to take care of next spring and summer because of doing this now (and doing the February & March weed treatments). Before aeration: Mow your lawn. The clippings should be bagged, blown [...]