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1804, 2018

Pool Opening Info coming to Your Mailbox Soon!

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Since late last year the Kitts Creek Pool Committee, Killer Whales Swim Team Board and KC Board of Directors have been planning for a safe and fun pool season in 2018. Kitts Creek is now fully built out with 845 homes. Accordingly, based on increased use and resident feedback, this year’s pool management contract significantly increases the life guard coverage at the pool. In addition, the Pool Committee, Swim Team and Board have updated the rules & services to help ensure a safe, relaxing and fun environment for all. We have worked closely with the pool management company and have also researched best practices from other pool operations. The pool opens [...]

304, 2018

International Food Festival

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The Kitts Creek International Food Festival was a first in 2017 but was met with such rave reviews that we’re doing it again this year! From the feedback received last year, we’re going to tweak and add to our plans for this year. Last year, the event was held inside the Clubhouse and was elbow to elbow. This year, weather permitting, we’re going to use the back parking lot of the clubhouse (near the playground) so we can spread out a bit, the kids can play, and we can all enjoy some delicious foods from around the world. And, big news for those who provide food or beverage! Last year, those [...]

2203, 2018

“Abandoned” Cars

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It is not legal to store cars on public streets. Per Town ordinances, a car that is not moved for more than 7 days on a public street is considered possibly abandoned. MPD can flag these cars if they violate Town ordinances and then tow if the owner does not comply with removal. That is not new. What is new is that while the HOA cannot tow from a public street, it can fine the homeowner. If you feel there is an “abandoned” car on your street, please alert the MPD by contacting the Code Enforcement Officer John Barnard (919-463-6198, and the HOA ( with as many details as you can. [...]

1503, 2018

Parking Near Alleyways and Intersections

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Statewide, all drivers must refrain from parking within 25 feet of any intersection. This is not new. What is new is that our alleys, exits and entrances, are now considered intersections. This means that parking directly across from an alley entrance or exit is not allowed. Parking too close to an intersection makes it difficult for cars to turn safely and often causes them to have to pull into oncoming traffic to turn. It also makes it nearly impossible for the trash trucks to maneuver. This is a $50 ticket so don’t get caught with your car too close to an intersection!

1701, 2018

Carlie Cobbett is here!

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Good news! Carlie Cobbett has started working in her office at our clubhouse and there is a new phone number for the office! Here is how to contact her and her office hours: Phone: 919-659-1214 (forwarded to the CAS support center after hours) Email: Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:30 AM – 6 PM At times, Carlie may be out on the property meeting vendors or homeowners. If you need to see her at a specific time, please make an appointment to be sure she will be in the office and not out for a bit. There will be a sign of her *estimated* return time on her door when she [...]