1604, 2019

Pool Opens May 18th – CONTEST!!

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FUN NEW WRISTBAND PROGRAM FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR SWIMMERS! This year Kitts Creek is kicking off our version of a fun and successful safety program used by large pools in the area by introducing a Kid Creeker pool wristband program. Kids love this new way to be involved at the pool in other communities and we hope its the same here! How parents introduce it will be part of that, so let’s make this FUN! The wristband program works by testing swimmers’ abilities and providing each a wristband once the child is able to pass simple swimming proficiency tests. These wristbands help lifeguards keep the swimmers safe by quickly identifying [...]

2203, 2019

Gym Service Request Made Easier!

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A New Way To Submit Service Requests - Introducing Our New Mobile Request Form! - Prosource has been engaged to implement a new and easy way to submit service request for cardio equipment to be serviced! With their new QR Code Service Stickers, anyone can send then a detailed service request while standing right in front of the machine. It's fast and it's free! How It Works Each piece of Cardio Equipment will receive a sticker with a custom QR Code. When scanned, this QR Code will lead you to an online form where you can submit all of the information necessary to get the machine fixed. You can even [...]

2003, 2019

Mailbox Reflectors – Addition to ARC Guidelines

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Recently the HOA Board received a written request to come up with Guidelines for the addition of reflectors to our mailboxes. We looked in to this and talked with other neighborhoods. The result is this new standard that will be added to our ARC Guidelines: - Homeowners may add one of these reflectors (or highly similar) to the mailbox without requesting ARC approval:- Color must be red, size must be approximately 1 inch x 6 inches - Must be in this exact location (on Right side if facing mailbox / aka driver approach side)   No other sizes, quantities, colors or locations are included in the standard. Thank you, Kitts Creek [...]

1903, 2019

Alley Work Monday March 22nd

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The contractor for the Town of Morrisville will be making alley repairs starting Friday, March 22 (weather permitting). The sections that the town will be repairing cannot be walked or driven on until Monday, March 25. No alleys will be closed completely; just one end will be closed. Below are the nearest addresses to the alley aprons that will be closed Friday-Monday. Alleys near the following addresses: 1005 Semora Land (alley behind) 1000 Gamwell (alley behind) If you have any questions please contact Dawn Raab with the Town of Morrisville at Please continue to check e-blasts for potential changes to the schedule. Best, Carlie Cobbett, CMCA, AMS Kitts Creek Community [...]

703, 2019

Clubhouse Renovations Complete!

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Happy Friday Neighbors – We are happy to tell you that our 2nd phase of renovations for the club room and clubhouse is complete. There were a few setbacks but we are done on time and once again, we all have an upgrade that appears far nicer than the small budget we had available. The old curved, multi-tiered bar that didn’t function well for anyone, with a dead ice cream freezer in the center to boot, is no more. In its place is now a gorgeous large island that reuses the 2 cabinets we removed from the kitchen, two new beverage refrigerators, and a trash can cubby as it’s base. [...]

2702, 2019

Save the Date | HOA Update and Social

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Hello Kitts Creek - Save the date! March 26th at 7 PM will be the first quarterly mixer for 2019. We will have adult beverages and refreshments with plenty of social time as usual and we will provide a summary of the feedback from our first Homeowner Survey. The Homeowner Survey link will arrive in your email next week - please be on the lookout for it! We will all have one week to provide feedback. House Painting - reminder that the deadline for submitting plans is March 1st if your exterior is in need of fresh paint (timeframe and whether the colors will be unchanged or need an ARC approval). [...]