1408, 2018

HOA Progress Report to Homeowners

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Thank you to the many volunteers here who have worked on various HOA projects for the first 7 months of our new HOA and continue to do so. Attached is a PDF of the update on our progress so far. Topics covered include: Progress made working on with the Town Updates on various amenities (Pool, Playground, Clubhouse, Dog Park, basketball hoop) ARC: new guidelines update and help for lawn care for homeowners Alley repairs Turnover of our last Phase Communication avenues (to and from homeowners) At the end of the report is a summary of the various ways to communicate your input to us and we hope you will use one [...]

2206, 2018

Survey: Interested in a full service lawn care provider with group rates?

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The HOA Board has often heard the request for an opt in lawn care maintenance program for the single family homes that is similar to those of the Bungalow homes. It has been hard to find a quality vendor willing to do this on an opt in basis (versus an entire section of the neighborhood) but we have found one! The full contract is attached so you can see the full list of services but the quick breakdown of what they will take care of is: -Mowing, edging, trimming and blowing off sidewalks/driveways/etc -Weeding and weed prevention for all flowers beds -Tree & shrub pruning, fertilizing and insect prevention -Grass fertilizations [...]

2106, 2018

TITANS Academy Group Swim Lessons – UPDATE

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Thanks for the terrific feedback on the quality of the group lessons that have been offered at the pool! We are so glad parents & kid Creekers are so happy with them. And we’ve noted the request for options besides week day, daytime lessons. We will work on trying to find a solution to that for the 2019 season. Registration for July lessons will close on June 29th and July sessions begin on July 9th. Confirmation and invoices for those lessons will be emailed by TAC on July 2nd. Please see the attached PDF for details and registration links. Here’s to water safety and having fun learning! Kitts Creek Board of [...]

1506, 2018

Dog Parks and Tennis Courts Are OPEN!!

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We are officially opening the dog parks! After a much anticipated and somewhat long wait, the HOA Board is opening the dog parks and tennis courts! What's been the hold up? There were several items on a punch list that we've been pressing Preston to address. Some needed to be done before we could open. While there are still some punch list items to go (sticking gates, dead plants), we can all officially begin to enjoy these new amenities. What should I know before I go? There are several things to know before you go to the new amenities. Where they are! They're located at the end of Elliott Ridge Lane. [...]

1106, 2018

Results of Traffic Study

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Concerned about the occasional aggressive drivers speeding through Kitts Creek? The Town of Morrisville recently preformed a traffic study at many of the usual speeding spots in Kitts Creek. The Morrisville Police Department came out Tuesday May 29th to share the results with us. While we do have some speeders, there aren't enough to warrant additional traffic calming measures at this time. Also, while the MPD takes speeding very seriously, the speeding occurs at times that MPD cannot always be here to monitor and catch the drivers and usually it's one speeder out of of many many cars. We really need to help police ourselves. Much of the speeding is done [...]

806, 2018

Tips for Refreshing Your Mailbox

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Helpful tips from one of your neighbors: 1.) Product Information: Creekers are going to want to seek out exterior spray paint that's made for weather and rust proof. I like Rustoleum brand. They will need a high gloss red (this is it's actual name, so not brick red or flame red or such) and a flat black. Be careful, because a lot of the blacks are satin or high gloss which is against HOA regulations. If you plan on painting your numbers (which I recommend) you will need a basic brass. You will also need a clear protective finishing spray (again made for outdoors and rust proof.) Otherwise you will be [...]