Our pool season kicks off this Saturday!  The Social Committee has some fun things planned – more about that soon.  And there is a new program for kids at the pool:  KC Kickers!

Follow the link below to be familiar with everything everybody needs to know about using and having fun at our pool.  The format is new and much easier to follow!  Updates include details on KC Kickers, clarification on floats to avoid the confusion from last year, and an additional lifeguard during busy times.

Also, we have already had a few requests to allow some kid Creekers to be entrepreneurs and set up stands at the pool.  In order to provide a way to do this that is fair to everyone while keeping it organized, we have set up some provisions and boundaries to accommodate all pool goers.

Parents, please read through this update and help your kids understand how to cooperate to have a great season!

You’ll notice our new umbrellas providing more shade options at the pool.  As you know, the mister idea did not pan out due to the kind of material used to build our pool house.  We are busy planning the slide for the 2020 season and will be adding our ADA lift during that installation as well.

Send any questions to us via Carlie (carlie@casnc.com) or use the Contact page on our website:  http://www.kittscreek.com/contact/

Thank you!
Kitts Creek Pool Committee
Kitts Creek Board of Directors