Carlie Cobbett is here!

//Carlie Cobbett is here!

Good news! Carlie Cobbett has started working in her office at our clubhouse and there is a new phone number for the office! Here is how to contact her and her office hours:

Phone: 919-659-1214 (forwarded to the CAS support center after hours)


Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:30 AM – 6 PM

At times, Carlie may be out on the property meeting vendors or homeowners. If you need to see her at a specific time, please make an appointment to be sure she will be in the office and not out for a bit. There will be a sign of her *estimated* return time on her door when she is out on the property or at lunch.

Other items:

Holiday decorations: please work on removing any remaining exterior decorations from the recent holidays. They should be down as of today but we will extend that to the beginning of next week in case anyone needs one more weekend (Monday, 1/22)
Fitness center: please remember and cooperate with the following rules (cooperation with these has been problematic recently) –
No one is permitted in the fitness center who is under 14 unless accompanied by his or her parent(s) and teens may use the equipment under supervision but not play on it / use it for purposes other than intended. We don’t want anyone hurt.
No food or drink (other than water) is permitted past the doors to that end of the clubhouse at any time (no cookies, juice boxes etc in any fitness rooms or that hallway).
Please return weights / balls neatly to their storage racks after use.

Thank you!

Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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