Gov. Cooper has ordered all public and private playgrounds to close starting before their opening times tomorrow.

As a result, as of dusk today all of our KC parks will be closed until further notice:  Playground, Dog Parks and Tennis Courts.  The clubhouse is already closed.

The Gazebo and Historic Green are obviously not lockable so please use the smart social distancing there that we are all already exercising on sidewalks during walks and in your lives in general.

These areas will be padlocked and anyone entering is trespassing.  If you see anyone inside of these areas (perhaps from another neighborhood), feel free to tell them they are trespassing and must leave immediately.

This will not last forever!  And we will rebuild a sense of normalcy.  There are wonderful examples of cooperation, generosity, thoughtfulness, and kindness happening in Kitts Creek every day.  Keep putting up rainbows or holiday lights/decorations and chalking the sidewalks and leaving painted rocks to delight neighbors out walking.

We’ve got this KC!!
Stay safe & healthy,
Kathy, Kevin and Jim