Happy Friday Neighbors –

We are happy to tell you that our 2nd phase of renovations for the club room and clubhouse is complete. There were a few setbacks but we are done on time and once again, we all have an upgrade that appears far nicer than the small budget we had available.

The old curved, multi-tiered bar that didn’t function well for anyone, with a dead ice cream freezer in the center to boot, is no more. In its place is now a gorgeous large island that reuses the 2 cabinets we removed from the kitchen, two new beverage refrigerators, and a trash can cubby as it’s base. It is topped with a big flat counter top that adds so much usable surface for our events and rentals.


Where we used to have a nearly non-functional pass through to the kitchen, we now have restaurant style double swing doors that can be propped open for easy back and forth or closed off if that more appropriate for an event. Because the doors can swing in to or out of the kitchen, they are easy to use even with hands full. And there are windows so we can make sure we are not running in to each other as we push through the doors. Gone are the days of having to go out through the hallway every time we need to go between the kitchen and the club room. It is so much more functional!

We are beginning to work on planning the next phase which will deal with the hallway carpets that are impossible to keep looking clean. More to come on that.

Kitts Creek Board of Directors