We are getting lots of questions and input concerning our discussions on KC events and amenities due to the Coronavirus and events at Biogen.  And our Governor has just declared a state of emergency for NC.  Because of all of this, we wanted to send some updates:

Q:  Are you considering canceling the HOA social events for a while?
A:  We have been discussing this for the last few weeks.  Our process has been to evaluate day to day as the situation develops and to consider the specifics of each event.  Everything we do as a Board takes into account direct input from our volunteers and what we are hearing from the majority of the homeowners on any given topic.

Given the escalation of events of yesterday and today, we are adopting the following plan, for now, out of an abundance of caution, and continuing to evaluate:

  1. The Quarterly Mixer and review of the TOM Land Use Plan update planned for 3/24 is canceled, hopefully to be rescheduled soon.
  2. The remaining monthly events for March will stay on the schedule for now (Book Club, Board Meeting, Ladies Night & Mens Cards).  These events are much smaller and we do not provide food.  With limited attendance homeowners can use their best judgment.  For example, regular Book Club attendees have already been polled and their feedback has been to leave it up to the individual and not cancel.
  3. As things change, we may adjust our plans.  We may need to make plans for April events as well – keep an eye open for Eblast updates.
  4. Here is where you can always find info about KC Events:


Q:  Are we going to close the gym?  The dog park?  Tennis courts?
A:  Right now, we will not be closing any amenities.  And the fitness center is in a different category than the outside amenities and the evaluation is different.  Each neighbor can decide whether or not gym use is appropriate based on individual situations.  PLEASE continue to follow regular clean up procedures if you do use the facility (wash hands before and after equipment use, don’t touch your face, wipe down equipment after use etc.)

Q:  Why was the Chinese New Year event canceled weeks ago but Holi went on as usual last weekend?
A:  Our Chinese New Year event was canceled at the direct request of the volunteer homeowners who were helping to organize it, so we honored their wishes.  The group of volunteers for Holi felt they wanted to proceed especially considering the event was outside and there was only one case of Coronavirus in NC (at the time) and we agreed.  Again, it is always our practice to involve HOA volunteers in our decisions, whether that be for Social events or anything else HOA related.  We also take into account homeowner input that comes from any of the official sources.  We want Kitts Creek to be a collaborative place where everyone who wants a voice can have a voice.As a reminder, these are the methods that we use for input when making decisions:  email to the Board members (email addresses always available on kittscreek.com), input from the web form on kittscreek.com, homeowner input section at Board Meetings, Drop in meetings, email to the Community Manager (carlie@casnc.com).Here are some resources to help keep all of us informed:

Thank you,
Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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