The clubhouse and fitness center will be closed beginning at midnight tonight until further notice and will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.  This difficult decision comes after much discussion and assessing this situation for the following reasons:

  • Most commercial gyms are closing because it is too difficult to keep surfaces clean enough and we do not have the kind of staff they have
  • We received strong advice to close inside facilities from our attorney and from CAS for the protection of everyone here and the Association as a whole
  • We want to be good citizens and heed the advice of experts like Dr. Fauci, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the CDC etc.
  • Most importantly, our experiment is not going great.  We have seen some cooperation but also some real issues:
    • We have seen some teens hanging out together in the clubhouse (not working out and not practicing social distancing) rather than heeding the request to only be in the facility to work out and then promptly exit
    • We have seen people not wiping down equipment after using it
    • And this is just in the first 36 hours of trying to make this work.  The risks are not worth it when we can’t get solid cooperation.

An email will be sent out when the fitness center reopens.

To help out, we have compiled a list of free or very affordable in-home workout resources that can be done with little to no equipment!  Some of these are favorites of our neighbors and friends and come highly recommended.  You might even find some terrific new resources you’ll continue to use after this is over.

In Home Workouts
We understand this is not the same as the gym.  But the safety of our residents will continue to be our number one priority.

Keeping as many people from getting sick as we can depends on everyone doing their parts no matter how inconvenient.  This is all temporary but very serious right now and how well or badly this goes is largely in our hands.  We can help quell the outbreak like Singapore has or see fast escalations like Italy.  Our older generations and health care workers and those who do get very sick are relying on us.  Stay home except for urgent reasons, please.

Thank you,

Kitts Creek Board of Directors