While we are all spending much more time at home, there are some things we can do to be ready when we get through this and to do our best to find the joyful times for ourselves and our kids.  With this in mind, here is what will change and what we can all do:

This is a great time to use outdoor time to make sure our yards and exteriors look great so our neighborhood stays beautiful for great property value.

  • There are yards where the grass is getting far too tall to be healthy for the lawn.  Right now, our grass needs cutting every 7 days or fewer since this is the fast-growing season.  Cut tall fescue no shorter than 3.5-4 inches or it will be much harder to keep healthy and keep weeds down when it gets warmer.
  • Edge and trim:  along sidewalks, beds and your home
  • Weed your flower / shrub beds
  • Water – as needed, depending on rain
  • Trees along sidewalks:  if you have a tree in your yard that hangs over the sidewalk or alley, make sure the limbs are no lower than 9 feet from the ground (same standard as Morrisville).  No one should have to duck to walk or run on any sidewalk in KC
  • Trim shrubs – this is the time to give your shrubs a good cutting back to keep them healthy and full

We will continue to do inspections.  For those sending complaints about some of the yards you’re seeing, we hear you and are continuing HOA functions and responsibilities as best we can including yard upkeep.

What is changing?

  • We know that many of us are getting exercise for ourselves, kids and pets by walking around KC.  So if you’d like to put up any lights or holiday decor or have fun with decorating to make walks more fun for everyone, go for it!  It is best to keep any inflatables in mulched areas so the grass does not die.  Aside from that, have fun with any exterior decor your family would like to set up.
  • If you want to set up obstacle courses, badminton nets, soccer goals or any kind of recreation for your family in your yards, go for it!  (Just make it easy to cut the grass etc and keep social distancing by playing in your own yards vs large groups of kids playing together)
  • We will send an email out when it is time to return to normal warm weather

If you have any questions or other suggestions about how we can make this unparalleled time better, please email Carlie (carlie@casnc.com) or use the contact info or form on kittscreek.com to contact us.

Thank you!

Kitts Creek Board of Directors