Happy New Year! (Where did January go?!) What a fun holiday season we had in Kitts Creek from Halloween to Diwali to all of the other holiday events and gorgeous light displays. Thanks to everyone who volunteered and participated!

We have been planning for this year and want to communicate some important projects and timelines to everyone, including responding to the requests we got throughout the fall election season. Many of you asked that we do a better job getting all of Kitts Creek to a stronger exterior standard than we achieved last year. Please click the link below and read the important update that includes:

  • How to get each yard in ship shape, staring with what can be done now, then planning for a successful year
  • The plan to get faded home exteriors brightened up
  • How we will work together to have more yards looking great throughout the spring growing season and beyond
  • Due dates for each of these that avoid any violations

We heard you! This plan is the beginning. Through cooperation and each neighbor doing a part, Kitts Creek will look better than ever in 2019.

Keep warm,
Kitts Creek Board of Directors