As we keep learning from HOA and Rental use of the clubhouse, we continue to plan for improvements and ways to keep our investments nice.


  • Starting on Monday, February 18th, there will be limited access to the club room. We plan to have the following upgrades completed before March 1st.
    • Door connecting kitchen and club room
    • The existing pass through will be converted to a double swing door so that we no longer have to go around and through the hallway & back (many times) to use the kitchen
    • This will make HOA events easier and will be more functional for Rental events
    • We will lose counter space in the kitchen but feel the improved functionality is worth the tradeoff
    • We will lose 2 cabinets in the kitchen
  • Bar
    • The multi-tiered bar is not functional for anything but serving drinks. We need a flat surface there for serving food. Also the bar was built around an ice cream freezer from the old EO “Carnival themed sales office” days. That freezer broke down last year.
    • We purchased two under cabinet refrigerators last quarter, one with beverage shelves – these along with the 2 cabinets we remove from the kitchen will form the base for a large, flat island in the same location as the exiting bar. The surface of the island will be a beautiful and durable, heat resistant countertop with an overhang on one side. It will function as a bar and/or a serving surface.
    • Once the island is in place, we will not need so many extra tables for HOA events or Rentals – which will be a better use of space.
  • Hallways – the fairly new carpets are stained and frayed. We cannot clean them often enough. We are working on that next – stay tuned.

The smaller package rentals are going well yet we continue to have some issues with the larger package rentals. In the worst of these cases, we had to shut down an event that had only been going for one hour, with guests still arriving. There are some obvious telltale “signs” that nearly always show us when an event is for an outside group or organization vs a personal event. In this case, most of these signs were there plus the home owner was not present when Board members arrived to talk about some of the violations that were occurring. We had no choice but to stop the event immediately and are not ok with being put in this unfortunate situation. It was very uncomfortable and highly inconvenient for all concerned, including the homeowners once they arrived. This is not the only large package event that has had issues either.

As a result, please think about these important considerations and immediate changes if you would like to rent the clubhouse for a larger event:

  • READ the rental contract a couple of days prior to the event and then make sure that any helpers, caterers, photographers, DJ’s, musicians etc. are fully aware of the rules. If the rules are violated, the fines will be yours and not theirs. Recently a Board member had to stop weekend plans and go remove people setting up an area for their party out on the pool deck, next to the pool.
  • There are signs on all of the doors leading out to the pool deck from the club room and kitchen indicating that they are not to be opened or used. And this is part of the rental contract. The new door to the kitchen should remove the temptation to use the kitchen and club room doors to the pool deck to transfer food back and forth – please do not go out to the pool or use these doors for ANY reason during a rental.
  • When the front or kitchen doors are propped open, a loud screamer will go off. If you hear that, close the door immediately. If you are in the workout area and your hear this, please go see that the doors are closed ASAP – propping the front doors open lets in lots of outside air. It makes your event uncomfortable if the air is hot. This cost the HOA thousands of dollars in 2017 by burning out an HVAC unit trying to cool an overheated building too many times. It is up to all of us to protect HOA assets.
  • We will be raising a few of the fines, including the one for lying to us about the purpose of your event. We almost always find out. Renting the club room is for personal events with friends (birthdays, baby showers etc.) not for corporate events or outside organizations or associations.
  • We have collected over $3k worth of fines & kept security deposits in the last few months alone – the goal we have set for this number is $0. We do not want to fine anyone.
  • We will no longer allow homeowners renting the space to move ANY furniture in the blue sofa seating area except the blue and white chairs. Details including a photo of what must not be moved will be included in the revised rental contract. Despite the fact that we designed the room with plenty of open floor space, the couches, side tables, coffee tables, lamps and chairs are being moved for almost every larger package event. They are often not being moved with care. They are being placed flush against walls damaging the new paint and the backs of the new couches. Tables are being chipped and a lamp was bent. And often the furniture is not returned to the configuration and location where it was before the rental, forcing Board or Committee volunteers to go put the room right for the next renter. With the new flat bar island, there should not be the need for as many additional serving tables and therefore more room for seated tables and no need to move furniture in the couch seating area. Make sure you are ok with this restriction before signing your rental contract.
  • Understand that video cameras will be checked periodically during events and reviewed in full the following week. We are doing the necessary follow up. We will protect this valuable asset and the funds we have spent improving it on behalf of all of our HOA members. We can, have and will shut down any event if forced to do so. Please do not put us or yourselves in the situation.
  • Treat the club room & kitchen as well as you would your own home. Keep the food in the food areas (not the couch area) as indicated by the signs. Stop letting kids run around on, climb on and jump on the couches and coffee tables – with shoes or without. Our new furniture is not a climbing or tumbling structure. We have had to clean frosting and sticky gunk off of the brand new couches and tables more than a few times and the couches are already beginning to show it. Take care of this place so we can all have a nice facility to enjoy and use frequently.

Please contact us with any questions via or through Carlie ( Thank you!

Kitts Creek Board of Directors