Roof Replacement on the gazebo, clubhouse, pool house and 2 storage garages begins one week from today (Monday, January 25th)

What you need to know:

  • January 22th (this Friday) at 6 PM, both parking lots will close for Feazel to begin to stage equipment over the weekend.
  • After 6 PM Friday, no vehicles aside from CAS and the roof workers will have use of either parking lot during the project. Any vehicles left in either lot after 6 PM on Friday will be towed.
  • The playground and the gazebo will both be closed for the duration of the project, beginning this coming Sunday, January 24th at 6 PM.
  • Workers will arrive each weekday around 6-6:30 AM to set up but will not begin noisy work until after 7 AM, per Morrisville code.
  • The work will take 10-14 days, depending on the weather. Notice will be sent when the parking lots reopen.