This year Kitts Creek is kicking off our version of a fun and successful safety program used by large pools in the area by introducing a Kid Creeker pool wristband program.

Kids love this new way to be involved at the pool in other communities and we hope its the same here! How parents introduce it will be part of that, so let’s make this FUN! The wristband program works by testing swimmers’ abilities and providing each a wristband once the child is able to pass simple swimming proficiency tests. These wristbands help lifeguards keep the swimmers safe by quickly identifying both those who might require a little more observation and our stronger swimmers.

Swimmers under the age of 13 can either wear a wristband at all times while in the pool or be accompanied by an adult guardian over the age of 21.

If a Kid Creeker is under 13:

  • An adult guardian must be within arms reach of any swimmer without a wristband. (wristband aside, this rule has existed for the decade + the pool has been here)
  • In order to earn a wristband, the swimmers will show that he or she can now swim the entire length of the pool unassisted without touching the ground, sides or lane lines. If they can, KUDOS! They win the right to wear the [Program name] wristband ALL SUMMER!
  • If the wristband is lost, no worries! The swimmer can just pass the test again to obtain another wristband.
  • The lifeguard may request that any swimmer retest if there is concern over the swimmer’s ability.

The pool is a place for all neighbors of Kitts Creek to come relax, socialize and enjoy the summer season. Our top priority though is the safety of our young swimmers. The new Kid Creeker wristband program is a fun way to allow lifeguards to quickly identify children who may not yet be strong swimmers and make sure to give them extra attention. Other neighborhoods who have begun this program saw lots of excitement and pride as their younger residents have this new summer goal and reward.

We want this to be a positive new experience for the pool. We will have regular testing times once the pool opens to make it easy for families to obtain a wristband.


The Pool Committee would love your input on a fun new name for this program! We want this to be something children look forward to earning each year and something that is seen as a positive goal. Please help us give it an equally cool name!

We have thought of a few but nothing seems perfect so far:

  • KC Swim Star
  • Kitts Creek Kicker
  • KC Dolphins (smaller than Killer Whales but on the way! 🙂 )
  • Aqua-Creeker…

Please submit your suggestions or let us know if you like any of these – send to Carlie ( She will consolidate and send the list of recommendations to the Pool Committee who will have the final vote.

Thank you all so much for your support of the Pool Committee and our commitment to keeping the Kitts Creek pool safe for everyone!

Here’s to a great season ahead!
Kitts Creek Board of Directors & Pool Committee members