Hello Kitts Creek –

Save the date! March 26th at 7 PM will be the first quarterly mixer for 2019. We will have adult beverages and refreshments with plenty of social time as usual and we will provide a summary of the feedback from our first Homeowner Survey. The Homeowner Survey link will arrive in your email next week – please be on the lookout for it! We will all have one week to provide feedback.

House Painting – reminder that the deadline for submitting plans is March 1st if your exterior is in need of fresh paint (timeframe and whether the colors will be unchanged or need an ARC approval).

Lawn remediation – those plans were due last week for the lawns/parking strips without healthy, green tall fescue right now. For the homeowners who submitted remediation plans, we will get back with you to provide feedback and work together to find the best resolution. Those that did not have started to receive violation notices.

Lawn treatment signs & newspapers – We have realized that the majority of the small landscaper signs on yards around KC are spam-like advertisements and not treatment notices, mostly from True Green. We have called True Green to ask them to stop littering our yards and common areas with their ads. Please remove those ASAP. Similarly, there are a couple of newspapers who like to deliver free copies periodically. Both of these kinds of “junk mail” are our responsibility to quickly clean up off of our lots.

Alleys & Parking – We have received concerns about speeding in the alleys again. We need to remind Kitts Creek residents to be considerate of neighbors and drive at safe speeds, including in our alleys where our kids play and our neighbors walk dogs etc. We met with Town officials yesterday about parking enforcement, intersection markings and the ongoing issue with the trash trucks not keeping to concrete on the alleys. More to come on that as we continue to push them to properly address our concerns. We were asked to remind Creekers that MPD will be enforcing Morrisville parking ordinances in KC – PLEASE use your driveways and garages as your primary parking locations. Street parking is meant to be for overflow (more than 2 cars) and guests.

Try to stay dry and have a great weekend!
Kitts Creek Board of Directors