The HOA Board has often heard the request for an opt in lawn care maintenance program for the single family homes that is similar to those of the Bungalow homes.

It has been hard to find a quality vendor willing to do this on an opt in basis (versus an entire section of the neighborhood) but we have found one! The full contract is attached so you can see the full list of services but the quick breakdown of what they will take care of is:
-Mowing, edging, trimming and blowing off sidewalks/driveways/etc
-Weeding and weed prevention for all flowers beds
-Tree & shrub pruning, fertilizing and insect prevention
-Grass fertilizations throughout the year and fall aeration and seeding
That’s almost all you need (besides watering which will still be up to you)! All of this spread out in payments of $175/month for 12 months.

(This is pretty equivalent to what you might currently be paying someone to mow your yard weekly and for a service like Trugreen!)

Now we need to hear from you! Please let us know if you:
(Please click one link to vote)

(a) Love this idea and think the price is fair for the services provided and would likely join

(b) Love the idea of an opt in program but would not join at this price point

(c) Would not join an opt in program no matter the cost