Starting Friday, September 14 the Town of Morrisville will be making concrete repairs in some of the sidewalks and alleyway aprons. The sections that the town will be repairing cannot be walked or driven on until Tuesday, September 18.

No alleys will be closed completely; just one end will be closed. Below are the nearest addresses to the alley aprons that will be closed Friday-Tuesday.

1104 Historic
2216 Historic
2504 Historic
1004 Governess
1108 Euphony
1012 Crinoline
2125 Aventon
1113 Circadian
1121 Pemberly
1204 Oatney
1117 Hemby Ridge
1213 Hemby Ridge
1300 Hemby Ridge
1805 Glade Valley
1416 Legendary
1332 Legendary

Legendary between Gold Rock and Grantsboro
Grand Liberty between Kit Creek and Legendary
Grand Liberty at Kit Creek incoming (from Church St)
Glade Valley at Kit Creek (South side)

If you have any questions please contact Dawn Raab with the Town of Morrisville at