As you know, we are starting the year with a number of common area updates and improvements due to wear & tear, changing codes, security and storm damage.  All of the work is around what we call the Core Complex (from the North parking lot to the Gazebo to the playground to clubhouse/pool grounds & parking lot). We will need everyone’s assistance in order to complete these projects in a timely manner!

Here is what to expect:

Roof Replacement (begins January 25th, weather permitting):  Due to last year’s hail storm, all 5 buildings are getting new roofs (gazebo, clubhouse, pool house, and 2 storage garages).  What you need to know:

  • January 22th (Friday) at 6 PM, both parking lots will close for Feazel to begin to stage equipment over the weekend.  After that time, no vehicles aside from CAS and the roof workers will have use of either parking lot during the project.  Any vehicles left in either lot after 6 PM on Friday will be towed.
  • The playground and the gazebo will both be closed for the duration of the project, beginning on Sunday, January 24th at 6 PM.
  • Workers will arrive each weekday around 6-6:30 AM to set up but will not begin noisy work until after 7 AM, per Morrisville code.
  • The work will take 10-14 days, depending on the weather.  Notice will be sent when the parking lots reopen.

Fencing and Playground Replacement (March):  Luckily, we were able to complete the bid process and get on the vendors’ schedules for this work last year!  If not, we might be waiting until much later in 2021.  Our plan is to have this work start in March and be finished and open the new playground in early April.  The exact dates will be sent when we have them.  What you need to know:

  • During this project, the playground will be closed and, of course, the pool is already closed.
  • The parking lot at the clubhouse will be closed and no vehicles other than CAS and the workers can park there during this project.
  • As part of the fence project, we are upgrading our Sonitrol system in order to have card key access at the playground.  This necessitates the replacement of everyone’s key cards.  The process for returning your existing cards and picking up your new ones (2 per home) will be detailed when the time is closer.

Thank you all in advance for helping us make sure these projects are successful and are safely implemented.  We all need some happy news – a new playground with better security for KC families fits that bill!

Happy Monday!

Kitts Creek Board of Directors
Kathy, James, Steve, Krishna, Stef