This year we have a new pool committee and some new ideas that we’re excited to implement for the new season!

Ever been at the pool and were just dying for something to drink? Well, we’ve got you covered this year (well on Saturdays). On Saturday mornings, different committee groups within the neighborhood will sell small concessions at the pool to benefit that committee. We’ve always heard families want snacks/drinks at the pool so this will be a trial to see how it goes and whether we should expand it. The goal is for everything to be $1 to make it easy. Feel free to give us some feedback as you visit the concessions table!

Swanky Sign In Shade Structure
Last year was the addition of the sign-in table and everything looked pretty temporary. This year, we’ve upgraded the shade structure and the sign in experience. Thanks for making this adjustment last year a breeze!

Lap Lane
In the last couple of years, there’s always been a designated lap lane but sometimes it’s hard to find because it moves during swim team practices or group lessons. This year there will be added signage to make it easier! Residents shouldn’t play in this lane as it’s for lap swimming only. Enjoy those workouts!

What’s with the line?
You might notice a new line surrounding the pool painted on the pool deck. In past years, when guards called for a 10 minute break, there has been confusion as to what that meant; could kids sit on the sides with their legs dangling, sit on the stairs, etc.?

This year we are aiming to clear all confusion by adding a line to the pool deck similar to many other neighborhoods. When the guard calls for the 10 minute break, all residents under 18 years of age must exit BOTH pools and be behind the gray line until the guards say the break is over. The 10 minute break is a great time for kids to get a snack, refresh their sunscreen and use the bathroom!

Pool Rules & Enforcement
The rules at the pool are to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment. Lifeguards are in charge of the pool and enforcing the rules. Warnings will be given but for repeated offenses the guard can put the resident in time out with a guard or with their parent. If the behavior continues, the resident will be asked to leave for the day and can return the next day. Guards have an important job watching many people at the pool. Behavior distractions by some aren’t fair to the neighborhood as a whole. Parents, please help by teaching your kids the pool rules and helping them cooperate.

We’ve heard for years that we need options for lessons at the pool. This year we’re delivering! Information for group lessons can be found here (LINK). This is the first year for lessons, so please provide feedback to us as you use them. We can add to and adjust each year we hope!