International Food Festival

The Kitts Creek International Food Festival was a first in 2017 but was met with such rave reviews that we’re doing it again this year! From the feedback received last year, we’re going to tweak and add to our plans for this year. Last year, the event was held inside the Clubhouse and was elbow to elbow. This year, weather permitting, we’re going to use the back parking lot of the clubhouse (near the playground) so we can spread out a bit, the kids can play, and we can all enjoy some delicious foods from around the world. And, big news for those who provide food or beverage! Last year, those who provided an item for tasting barely had time to run around and taste things for themselves. This year, all who provide an item for tasting will get a private pre-tasting before the event is open to the neighborhood! How awesome is that?! If you’re interested in participating or attending the International Food Festival, we need to get a headcount so we can plan. • Register to provide a food or beverage (you don't have to make it yourself, can be store bought) • Register to attend the event We look forward to seeing many Kitts Creek neighbors out at the food festival this year!