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Important HOA updates and Events

The first-ever Doggie Pool Party event went exceptionally well and fun was had by many canine Creekers and their families.  Thank you all so much! So we have an announcement: We have decided to make this an annual event based on its success!  Thank you to all who participated and were kind and cooperative. So much fun! Some newer homeowners have written to the Board asking for the background on the grass question and how & why it was decided to keep fescue as the grass type for single-family homes. Here is a document that explains the process and the decision criteria and includes everything we learned from the turf scientist from NC State: KC Grass Decision We are entering our busiest time on the KC Social calendar and the event leaders need volunteers for the Family Fall Festival & Fun Run and our Diwali celebration.  See the full events calendar here: http://www.kittscreek.com/events/  (Note all events are clickable and will take you to see further information about that event)  If you registered for the Fun Run and have not yet paid, please do so ASAP! Our National Night Out event, in cooperation with the Morrisville Police Department, will be on Tuesday, October 1st from 7 to 8 PM at the Playground and there will be games plus ice cream sandwiches compliments of the HOA.  Come and meet some of the first responders who help keep Kitts Creek safe and enjoy some time with neighbors. One calendar change:  The HOA Board meeting for October is 2 days earlier than usual due to some scheduling issues:  Tuesday, October 8th, 7 PM. Have a great week! Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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What to know about pool season – It’s almost time!

Our pool season kicks off this Saturday!  The Social Committee has some fun things planned - more about that soon.  And there is a new program for kids at the pool:  KC Kickers! Follow the link below to be familiar with everything everybody needs to know about using and having fun at our pool.  The format is new and much easier to follow!  Updates include details on KC Kickers, clarification on floats to avoid the confusion from last year, and an additional lifeguard during busy times. Also, we have already had a few requests to allow some kid Creekers to be entrepreneurs and set up stands at the pool.  In order to provide a way to do this that is fair to everyone while keeping it organized, we have set up some provisions and boundaries to accommodate all pool goers. 2019 Pool Rules Parents, please read through this update and help your kids understand how to cooperate to have a great season! You'll notice our new umbrellas providing more shade options at the pool.  As you know, the mister idea did not pan out due to the kind of material used to build our pool house.  We are busy planning the slide for the 2020 season and will be adding our ADA lift during that installation as well. Send any questions to us via Carlie (carlie@casnc.com) or use the Contact page on our website:  http://www.kittscreek.com/contact/ Thank you! Kitts Creek Pool Committee Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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New Clubhouse Info on Rentals and Improvement

As we keep learning from HOA and Rental use of the clubhouse, we continue to plan for improvements and ways to keep our investments nice. IMPROVMENTS Starting on Monday, February 18th, there will be limited access to the club room. We plan to have the following upgrades completed before March 1st. Door connecting kitchen and club room The existing pass through will be converted to a double swing door so that we no longer have to go around and through the hallway & back (many times) to use the kitchen This will make HOA events easier and will be more functional for Rental events We will lose counter space in the kitchen but feel the improved functionality is worth the tradeoff We will lose 2 cabinets in the kitchen Bar The multi-tiered bar is not functional for anything but serving drinks. We need a flat surface there for serving food. Also the bar was built around an ice cream freezer from the old EO “Carnival themed sales office” days. That freezer broke down last year. We purchased two under cabinet refrigerators last quarter, one with beverage shelves – these along with the 2 cabinets we remove from the kitchen will form the base for a large, flat island in the same location as the exiting bar. The surface of the island will be a beautiful and durable, heat resistant countertop with an overhang on one side. It will function as a bar and/or a serving surface. Once the island is in place, we will not need so many extra tables for HOA events or Rentals - which will be a better use of space. Hallways – the fairly new carpets are stained and frayed. We cannot clean them often enough. We are working on that next – stay tuned. CHANGES TO RENTAL POLICIES The [...]

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Pool Closing Time

In the pool packet we all received last spring, the pool closing time shows a change from 9 PM to 8 PM at the beginning of August. This is an adjustment due to sunset being earlier and earlier as the season concludes. As you know, our pool does not have the necessary lighting for evening hours. There was some confusion these last few days because our previous management company didn’t properly communicate with TA last fall, resulting in them unknowingly not being on the same page about the date of this change. Everything was worked out yesterday and the original hours stand: for August and September, the pool closes at 8 PM. Other hours remain the same: adult lap swim is 6 AM – 9 AM and the pool opens at 9 AM. The last day of the season is Sunday, September 16th.

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Pool Reopens Today 9/27, 9AM

Pool Reopens on Schedule! With the disgusting weather yesterday, most were not inconvenienced by the pool closure. Triangle Aquatics worked through the day in the rain replacing the damaged tiles to get us back up and running on time today. The pool will reopen at 9am! If you happen to see a Triangle Aquatics person as you're at the pool today, thank them for hustling yesterday to get us back into compliance! Thank you! The Kitts Creek Board of Directors

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Pool Closed for Maintenance

Pool Closed (All Day) June 26th (Tuesday) Good morning Kitts Creek! We have a bit of pool maintenance that needs to take place as soon as possible in order for our pool to stay compliant with state codes. This includes fixing some broken tiles and replacing a few valves. In order to perform this maintenance, Triangle Aquatics will need to drain some of the water from the pool, perform the fixes, allow them to cure and then refill the water. This will require a full day's closure. The HOA Board along with the Pool Committee and Swim Team have chosen June 26th so that we can lessen the impact on the community. The pool will operate normally on Monday June 25th, will be closed all day on Tuesday the 26th, and should open at it's normal time on Wednesday June 27th. We will send a follow up eblast letting you know for sure. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the HOA office. Thank you for your cooperation as we work to keep our swimming experience clean and safe! Best, Carlie Cobbett, CMCA, AMS Kitts Creek Community Manager Phone: 919.659.1214 6333 Kit Creek Road Morrisville, NC 27560

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TITANS Academy Group Swim Lessons – UPDATE

Thanks for the terrific feedback on the quality of the group lessons that have been offered at the pool! We are so glad parents & kid Creekers are so happy with them. And we’ve noted the request for options besides week day, daytime lessons. We will work on trying to find a solution to that for the 2019 season. Registration for July lessons will close on June 29th and July sessions begin on July 9th. Confirmation and invoices for those lessons will be emailed by TAC on July 2nd. Please see the attached PDF for details and registration links. Here’s to water safety and having fun learning! Kitts Creek Board of Directors TITANS Academy Group Swim Lessons

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What to Know Before Heading to the Pool!

This year we have a new pool committee and some new ideas that we’re excited to implement for the new season! Concessions! Ever been at the pool and were just dying for something to drink? Well, we’ve got you covered this year (well on Saturdays). On Saturday mornings, different committee groups within the neighborhood will sell small concessions at the pool to benefit that committee. We’ve always heard families want snacks/drinks at the pool so this will be a trial to see how it goes and whether we should expand it. The goal is for everything to be $1 to make it easy. Feel free to give us some feedback as you visit the concessions table! Swanky Sign In Shade Structure Last year was the addition of the sign-in table and everything looked pretty temporary. This year, we’ve upgraded the shade structure and the sign in experience. Thanks for making this adjustment last year a breeze! Lap Lane In the last couple of years, there’s always been a designated lap lane but sometimes it’s hard to find because it moves during swim team practices or group lessons. This year there will be added signage to make it easier! Residents shouldn’t play in this lane as it’s for lap swimming only. Enjoy those workouts! What’s with the line? You might notice a new line surrounding the pool painted on the pool deck. In past years, when guards called for a 10 minute break, there has been confusion as to what that meant; could kids sit on the sides with their legs dangling, sit on the stairs, etc.? This year we are aiming to clear all confusion by adding a line to the pool deck similar to many other neighborhoods. When the guard calls for the 10 minute break, all residents under 18 years of [...]

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Group Swim Lessons

As you know, we have been working on making significant improvements about how the pool operates this season. One of those enhancements is offering group swimming lessons from TITAN Swim Academy, led by a gifted teacher and elite level athlete. The ability to swim and be safe around water is a valuable life skill for anyone so opening those opportunities here at our pool this season is important. There will also be opportunities for private lessons. How to initiate those and why using Kitts Creek swim team coaches has advantages over outside instructors will be covered in a separate email. These lessons are open to all residents of Kitts Creek. Kitts Creek Titans 1 Lessons Ages 3 to 6! $75 for every four lesson session, more information found in details of signup June Lessons - Lessons will occur June 11th – 22nd July Lessons - Lessons will occur July 9th – 20th August Lessons - Lessons will occur August 6th – 17th Kitts Creek Titans 2 Lessons Ages 7 to 12! $75 for every four lesson session, more information found in details of signup June Lessons - Lessons will occur June 11th – 22nd July Lessons - Lessons will occur July 9th – 20th August Lessons - Lessons will occur August 6th – 17th Questions? Email jpatetta@triangleaquatics.org

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