Dog Parks and Tennis Courts Are OPEN!!

We are officially opening the dog parks! After a much anticipated and somewhat long wait, the HOA Board is opening the dog parks and tennis courts! What's been the hold up? There were several items on a punch list that we've been pressing Preston to address. Some needed to be done before we could open. While there are still some punch list items to go (sticking gates, dead plants), we can all officially begin to enjoy these new amenities. What should I know before I go? There are several things to know before you go to the new amenities. Where they are! They're located at the end of Elliott Ridge Lane. The code to the gates. While these aren't working 100%, the code for residents can be obtained at the HOA Office. Please do not post this on Facebook or share in a public forum. The code will be posted at the gates for a short time to help people remember and share with neighbors and to prevent the damage being done by people forcing and breaking in to the amenities. Carry in and carry out – just like the National Park Service (and our own Gazebo & Historic Green Pavilion). If you take water bottles, snacks, dog treats etc, please take all trash back home with you. As neighbors, we're responsible for keeping this area clean and looking nice! Please take a minute to read the rules and signage posted for each amenity. Hope you all enjoy the new amenities. If you notice anything that seems off or of concern, please report it to the HOA office or use the form at One final note: the gates on the dog parks are extra wide. Please do not hang or swing on the gates or stand on them to access the dog park [...]