The tennis courts are located at the end of Elliot Ridge Lane and are open to all residents from 7am to dusk. Please read and understand all rules of the tennis courts before going!

Tennis Court Rules

1. Court use is open for play by all Members from 7 A.M. to Dusk daily.

2. The courts are for the private use of Members and their guests.

3. Please limit your use of the court to no more than 1 hour if others are waiting.

4. Members may not use the courts for financial gain unless they are coaching residents.

5. Each Member is responsible for ensuring proper usage and etiquette by their family members and guests. Poor language and poor behavior is not acceptable and is a reason to be barred from the courts.

6. Children using the courts without adult supervision must be capable of proper tennis play.

7. Members are responsible for keeping the courts clean and free of trash and litter.

8. Only those members and their guests who are playing on a court are allowed in the fenced in court area.

9. Smooth-soled tennis shoes are to be worn on the courts at all times.


11. Pets are not permitted in or around the court area, meaning on the courts. All pet waste is to be removed by pet owner. Owners not removing their pet’s waste will be fined and have their tennis privileges removed.

12. No glass containers of any type are permitted within the fenced tennis court area.

13. If damage due to negligence or non-compliance of Tennis Rules occurs to the Tennis courts including but not limited to surrounding common area property of the HOA the offending homeowner, guest or children of the homeowner will be held accountable.

Looking to reserve an amenity?

Our Tennis Courts, Gazebo, and Historic Pergola are now able to be reserved using!

All court reservations will be handled through this system, so please click the link below for instructions and register and activate your account. Please note that it will take up to 3-5 business days for HOA verification.

Each amenity (Tennis Courts, Gazebo, and Historic Pergola) has their own set of reservation rules. Residents that have made a reservation get priority for their reservation time. If you have not made a reservation and another resident has, they will have priority to use the facility.

Please read and familiarize yourself with the new reservation rules.