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Results of Traffic Study

Concerned about the occasional aggressive drivers speeding through Kitts Creek? The Town of Morrisville recently preformed a traffic study at many of the usual speeding spots in Kitts Creek. The Morrisville Police Department came out Tuesday May 29th to share the results with us. While we do have some speeders, there aren't enough to warrant additional traffic calming measures at this time. Also, while the MPD takes speeding very seriously, the speeding occurs at times that MPD cannot always be here to monitor and catch the drivers and usually it's one speeder out of of many many cars. We really need to help police ourselves. Much of the speeding is done by people who live in this neighborhood! Things we can do: - If you have a neighbor who is consistently speeding, speak to them - Utilize the Chill Morrisville Campaign to report aggressive and speeding drivers - If you're someone who speeds in this neighborhood, cut it out. Getting somewhere a minute faster isn't worth what could happen. More About Chill Morrisville. The Town of Morrisville has a traffic safety initiative called “Chill Morrisville.” It is an educational effort to reduce traffic crashes by identifying aggressive drivers. There is an on-line form to report someone driving in a reckless manner. Thereafter, the registered owner will receive a letter concerning the complaint, signed by the Chief of Police. The warning letter will serve as a reminder to improve driving behavior. The form includes: date, time, location (street name and nearest intersection), license plate state and tag number, color of vehicle, make and model of vehicle, and brief summary. Read More About Chill Morrisville Report an Aggressive Driver

Tips for Refreshing Your Mailbox

Helpful tips from one of your neighbors: 1.) Product Information: Creekers are going to want to seek out exterior spray paint that's made for weather and rust proof. I like Rustoleum brand. They will need a high gloss red (this is it's actual name, so not brick red or flame red or such) and a flat black. Be careful, because a lot of the blacks are satin or high gloss which is against HOA regulations. If you plan on painting your numbers (which I recommend) you will need a basic brass. You will also need a clear protective finishing spray (again made for outdoors and rust proof.) Otherwise you will be painting every couple months from the fade caused by the sun. You should also grab a large paint brush to catch any drips on the pole and smaller brushes for the numbers. 2.) Take off the flag (most of us need a philips head screwdriver for this) and scrub and sand as needed. Go ahead and get the mailbox ready as well by scrubbing it and sanding off any peeling paint. If you want to try taking the numbers off and cleaning them with a product like Brasso or Bar Keeper’s Friend, then now is the time to unscrew the number plate. I don't usually do this because most of us have numbers that don't come off easily and it's easier to paint over the numbers later. 3.) Spray both sides of flag and allow to dry. Once dry, apply the clear coat. 4.) Use short quick sprays and apply the black paint evenly to the box and the post. The post might run so be ready to catch any drips with the brush. You don't want drips to dry. Let dry and apply an extra coat. Be careful of any cars parked [...]