Reserve Kitts Creek Amenities

Hello Kitts Creek! We are pleased to announce that our Tennis Courts, Gazebo, and Historic Pergola are now able to be reserved using! Beginning November 17th, residents will be able to check availability and make reservations from the internet, iPhone App, or Android App.  All court reservations will be handled through this system, so please click the link below for instructions and register now so you’ll have an active account by next week. Please note that it will take up to 3-5 business days for HOA verification. The community Facebook page will no longer suffice as a place to reserve any of our amenities after 11/16. Please understand that this is a trial and we want feedback!  We would greatly appreciate it if you let us know how you like the new reservation system.  Once you’ve used it, please send any suggestions on what needs to be improved. Your input is welcome and needed. Reserve My Court Instructions Each amenity (Tennis Courts, Gazebo, and Historic Pergola) have their own set of reservation rules.  These rules are similar to other communities who have used this system with success and have been set to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy the facilities.   For this system to work residents must make reservations even when the time slot is open. Residents that have made a reservation get priority for their reservation time.  If you have not made a reservation and another resident has, they will have priority to use the facility. Please read and familiarize yourself with the new reservation rules. Reservation Rules If you have any questions or suggestions, please email the HOA Office at Thank you! Kathy, James, Steve, Krishna, and Kevin Kitts Creek Board of Directors

Benefits of Aeration

Since we are in the fall season when everyone in a single family home is planning fall lawn services (aeration, overseeding, and fertilizer), the Landscape Committee has realized there are still some questions. These services need to be done anytime from now until very early November. Here are the benefits of aeration: Stronger turfgrass roots Enhanced heat and drought stress Increased soil water uptake and use Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere Your lawn will be easier to take care of next spring and summer because of doing this now (and doing the February & March weed treatments). Before aeration: Mow your lawn. The clippings should be bagged, blown or raked off the lawn - this is necessary to maximize seed-to-soil contact This contact is a key factor in successful germination If you sprayed chemicals to kill the weeds, wait 3 weeks before aeration from date of application to aeration Common weeds which all are invasive and will spread easily if your grass is weak: Clover Crabgrass Quakgrass Bermuda grass Aeration packages normally include fertilizer and seeds. After aeration: it is very important to water everyday for at least 20 minutes for a few weeks. The main goal is to keep the ground and seed moist while the seeds begin to germinate. If you have any questions, please ask the HOA Office ( **If your home is rented out during this time, please make sure your tenants are aware that this work must be done at your home or plan a contractor to do it for you. Thank you - Kitts Creek Landscape Committee

Help with Lot Surveys for ARC Requests

Happy New Year! The HOA Office has assembled a tool that might be able to help you with your ARC Change Request forms when they require a marked survey of your lot. In case you do not have a copy of your survey, please see this document. You *may* be able to contact the surveyor for your lot/builder and purchase a survey for much less than it would cost to have a new one created. Land Surveyors If you need to know which kinds of changes require the inclusion of a marked survey and which do not, please see the ARC Guidelines (latest version always available on ARC and the Board will be working in January on updating the ARC Guidelines to reflect questions or situations that developed in the last 12 months. Expect that in February. Thank you! Kitts Creek Board of Directors

Where did the roses go?

Hello neighbors! This week you will see work begin on a multi-phase Landscape Remediation project that will take place throughout Kitts Creek. We have a few problems to address: End of lifespan - some of our plants from the original part of Kitts Creek have reached the end of their life expectancy. Also, many of them were planted very close together to try to give the neighborhood an established look quickly. It is what developers do but makes it harder on the plants. Knockout rose disease - all over the Triangle, there is a disease called Rose Rosette Disease (RRD) that is decimating roses. It is a nasty & incurable disease and the only solution is to dig the plant out. Almost all of the rose bushes in KC have it already (both HOA common area and homeowner lots) and those that do not will have it soon. Planting beds around shrubs are meant to be cleaned out of older mulch or pinestraw periodically and soil refreshed. This maintenance work has never been done in KC so we have to do it now. Taking care of this while we also have these other issues will save us some money. What is the plan? Rose Replacement: All of the roses, including roots, will be removed from HOA common areas beginning immediately. These areas will be bare for a bit and then a variety of flowering and colorful plants will replace them. New Shrub Design: Our Landscape Committee Chair, Donna Fender, is working with our landscaper on a phased plan and design - removal of dead or dying shrubs (at end of life) and replacement with healthy, hardier and better spaced new shrubs. We will phase this in. The cost of the overall project will determine how many phases. We will focus on the core [...]

Landscaping Committee August Newsletter

The Kitts Creek Landscaping Committee will begin meeting at the clubhouse at the first Tuesday of every month at 5 pm. If you have ideas or questions, please feel free to stop by. We may not have the answer, but we can point you in the right direction. Attached is the August issue of The Landscaping Committee's newsletter to the neighborhood! KC Landscaping Newsletter

Q3 Exterior Updates

At one of our Drop-In meetings on Sunday, a homeowner asked that we remind everyone about the requirement to trim low branches off of any trees on your lot that hang over a sidewalk. We have had other recent complaints about trees hanging too low as well. So here are the details on that and some other Q3 exterior reminders: TREES & SHRUBS If you have shrubs along your alley or sidewalk, they must not hang over the alley or sidewalk If your front or rear tree(s) hang over the alley or sidewalk, the lower branches must not hang lower than six (6) feet. A six-foot-tall person must be able to walk on the sidewalk in front of your house or at any spot on the alley without any branches or leaves in the way. Next year, we are likely going to align that with local ordinances and raise that to seven (7) feet for sidewalks and nine (9) feet for alleys - so heads up for planning purposes. If you need to trim off low branches now, consider doing it once and using the 7 and 9 feet metrics. Fall is the best time to replace dead shrubs or add new landscaping (with prior ARC approval) FRONT PORCHES Most of our toys, sports equipment, garden tools, etc belong in the rear of the home or inside of the garage and should not be left on front porches per our Covenants and Guidelines. What is ok on front porches? Examples include: Furniture designed to be outdoor patio furniture, potted plants, neat shoe/boot stands, doormats or outdoor rugs What is not ok? Examples include: Bikes, pool toys, kids’ toys, garden tools, indoor furniture, loose shoes or boots, dog toys or bowls, out of season decor (pumpkins / ghosts in January, etc) HOUSE PAINTING Reminder: As [...]

Newsletter from the Landscpaping Committee

Good Afternoon Kitts CreekThe Kitts Creek Landscaping Committee will begin meeting at the clubhouse at the first Tuesday of every month at 5 pm. If you have ideas or questions, please feel free to stop by. We may not have the answer, but we can point you in the right direction. Attached second issue of The Landscaping Committee's newsletter to the neighborhood! KC Landscaping Newsletter Have a great week!Kitts Creek Landscape Committee

Newsletter from the Landscpaping Committee

Our new Landscaping Committee has hit the ground running and we so appreciate it! See their first newsletter to the neighborhood here: KC Landscaping Newsletter Be on the lookout! Coming soon will be: requested reminder of how violations work and reminders for spring, more information on the pool opening (changes, rules updates and swim lessons scheduling), update from MPD and the TOM on parking enforcement in KC and the requested summary of the Homeowner Survey readout and discussion from the last Quarterly get together. Have a great week! Kitts Creek Board of Directors

Gym Service Request Made Easier!

A New Way To Submit Service Requests - Introducing Our New Mobile Request Form! - Prosource has been engaged to implement a new and easy way to submit service request for cardio equipment to be serviced! With their new QR Code Service Stickers, anyone can send then a detailed service request while standing right in front of the machine. It's fast and it's free! How It Works Each piece of Cardio Equipment will receive a sticker with a custom QR Code. When scanned, this QR Code will lead you to an online form where you can submit all of the information necessary to get the machine fixed. You can even take a photo of the problem so we can see exactly what is going on! Quick and Easy Steps: 1) Find the Code Locate the Service Sticker on the machine that needs repair. Look for the GREEN border. 2) Scan the Code Using your Phone's Camera, scan the QR Code, and tap the link to access the form. 3) Enter Info Fill out the form, making sure to enter as much information as possible. Take photos of the serial number and specific problem areas. 4) Submit Tap "Submit". You will receive a confirmation message and we will set up a service call to your facility! If you have any question please contact the HOA office at 919-659-1214.

Results of Traffic Study

Concerned about the occasional aggressive drivers speeding through Kitts Creek? The Town of Morrisville recently preformed a traffic study at many of the usual speeding spots in Kitts Creek. The Morrisville Police Department came out Tuesday May 29th to share the results with us. While we do have some speeders, there aren't enough to warrant additional traffic calming measures at this time. Also, while the MPD takes speeding very seriously, the speeding occurs at times that MPD cannot always be here to monitor and catch the drivers and usually it's one speeder out of of many many cars. We really need to help police ourselves. Much of the speeding is done by people who live in this neighborhood! Things we can do: - If you have a neighbor who is consistently speeding, speak to them - Utilize the Chill Morrisville Campaign to report aggressive and speeding drivers - If you're someone who speeds in this neighborhood, cut it out. Getting somewhere a minute faster isn't worth what could happen. More About Chill Morrisville. The Town of Morrisville has a traffic safety initiative called “Chill Morrisville.” It is an educational effort to reduce traffic crashes by identifying aggressive drivers. There is an on-line form to report someone driving in a reckless manner. Thereafter, the registered owner will receive a letter concerning the complaint, signed by the Chief of Police. The warning letter will serve as a reminder to improve driving behavior. The form includes: date, time, location (street name and nearest intersection), license plate state and tag number, color of vehicle, make and model of vehicle, and brief summary. Read More About Chill Morrisville Report an Aggressive Driver