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Chili Cookoff November 5th
2-4pm in the Clubhouse


As we answer questions that come in, sharing answers here for everyone!

How much do I need to make? Please make enough to fill an average crockpot so that there will be plenty to share. Tasting cups (3 oz. cups) will be provided. Outlet plugs are limited, but if you bring more we can easily heat up the food in the kitchen.

What are the rules? “No rules” except for the obvious…please make the chili yourself. You can make the chili beforehand or day of, but please bring it in hot/warm. We have limited electrical plugs but if you bring in your crockpot or serving bowl hot, the chili should remain warm for the full event time.

I know my ingredients list now, where do I send it? Please email to Sara Lynch at

Do I need to print out the ingredients list? No, Sara Lynch will print out the ingredients for each chef. As of 11/1, if you have not submitted your ingredients, you need to print and bring yourself.

I serve my chili with additional sides (i.e. chips and sour cream), do I include the sides in the ingredients list? No. If they are not mixed into the chili, then sides do not need to be included as an ingredient.

Do I need to bring spoons? No. Spoons, tasting cups, and napkins, will be provided.

FYI – The TV in the clubhouse works and we will have football on.

Additional questions not answered here, please email Sara Lynch at