HOA Drop-Ins

What are Drop-Ins?  These are times when some of the Board members are available at the clubhouse for impromptu meetings with homeowners - our version of office hours. The Drop-In time is meant to offer a longer period to discuss any HOA matters, like the larger initiatives or policies, than is possible in the Homeowner section of the Board meetings.  The Drop-Ins also offer opportunities to talk about concerns regarding your individual lot, which cannot happen during Board meetings. At least one Board member is available at a Drop-In but not usually the full Board and no decisions can be made during that time.  For those unable to meet during the workweek, there will be some periodic weekend Drop-Ins as well. Last, you do not have to wait for a Drop-In.  Any homeowner can request a meeting with the Board, via Zoom or in person, and we will schedule it at the earliest possible time.  Please understand that coordinating many schedules can take time, however.

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