Food Trucks 1st Thursdays – CANCELLED for June 1st

You asked for more food trucks and we got 'em! We will have food trucks the 1st Thursday of the month. The schedule is likely to change so make sure to follow If you subscribe to updates on this page, it helps us attract the more popular trucks!

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HOA Drop-Ins

What are Drop-Ins?  These are times when some of the Board members are available at the clubhouse for impromptu meetings with homeowners - our version of office hours. The Drop-In time is meant to offer a longer period to discuss any HOA matters, like the larger initiatives or policies, than is possible in the Homeowner section of the Board meetings.  The Drop-Ins also offer opportunities to talk about concerns regarding your individual lot, which cannot happen during Board meetings. At least one Board member is available at a Drop-In but not usually the full Board and no decisions can be made during that time.  For those unable to meet during the workweek, there will be some periodic weekend Drop-Ins as well. Last, you do not have to wait for a Drop-In.  Any homeowner can request a meeting with the Board, via Zoom or in person, and we will schedule it at the earliest possible time.  Please understand that coordinating many schedules can take time, however.

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