Easter Egg Hunt

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We’re looking forward to another great Easter Egg Hunt at Kitts Creek. Some things to know before you go!

  1. Multiple Egg Hunts. Again this year, instead of doing all age groups at the same time, we will stagger the start times. This comes from feedback from parents about having to choose which child they get to see do the egg hunt. Don’t forget your Easter basket for picking up eggs!The egg hunts will happen in the following order:
    1. Ages 7-10. Starting with the oldest group first (since their egg hunt is in the playground and we want to be able to open that back up as soon as possible).
    2. Ages 4-6. In the grassy area in front of the gazebo.
    3. Ages 3 & under. In the grassy area in front of the gazebo.
  2. Please limit your egg hunter to picking up no more than 10 eggs, we have A LOT of kids and want things to be fair for everyone!
  3. There will be an Easter Bunny available for pictures inside the playground starting AFTER the first Easter Egg Hunt. Don’t forget your camera!
  4. There will be snacks and drinks in the gazebo for all to enjoy. We have 400+ people expected to attend so please be considerate when “filling” your plates.
  5. To help save Social some money each year, we kindly ask that you please return your eggs either before you leave the event or the next week to a box at the clubhouse.


Easter Egg Hunt


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Kitts Creek Clubhouse

Please let us know who's coming!

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Please remember all events are for Kitts Creek residents only.

Questions, please contact the social committee. Thank you!