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The Kitts Creek Social Dog Club is for any dog owner who wants to learn a little more about socializing their dogs with others and the basics of training from the methods of The Seeing Eye. This club is graciously hosted by our neighbor Susan Alvin who has been a dog trainer for over 10 years. If you would like to attend but feel your dog might not be ready for a group environment, please contact Susan (919-455-4984) and have a discussion on what would work best for you and your pet.


The Objectives of Our Social Dog Group
  1. For the development of optimal socialization skills for you & your dog to be able to walk by, meet and be around strange dogs and strangers while maintaining calm behavior.
  2. To learn the daily essential resources in your dogs life. Learning how to provide them in such a way that it changes the power dynamics in positive ways enabling your dog to become pack-driven. Learning what pack drive is and why it’s important to your dog and your relationship.
  3. To learn how to become a pack leader, by teaching the appropriate body language skills and vocal tones. To understand the logic behind the proper body language and vocalizations.
  4. To learn the body language of your dog and how understanding basic body language will not only help your personal comprehension & your relationship with your puppy but it will allow you to access other dogs behaviors by their body language.

How We Accomplish Our Goals

  • We meet as a group bi-weekly, for group exercises completely focused on socializing our dogs with strange dogs and strangers. These lessons are easy to learn, fun and most importantly are extremely effective.
  • Hopefully within 3 meetings, we can teach others, preferably kids to run the lessons for the group. Which would be a wonderful leadership and self esteem building exercise for the young in our group.
  • By getting together and learning about dog socialization and the importance of versatility in our exercises during the group meetings and at home, we will be able to take advantage of bringing our dogs to the many activities available outside our development.
  • When we and our dogs are excelling at remaining calm in our group exercises, we can arrange outings to have ice-cream, or coffee with our fur babies. Finally enjoying how well behaved they can be in public and how easy it feels for us without the stress from previous unwanted behaviors.

Social Dog Club – online registration required


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Historic Circle Green

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