Welcome to the Kitts Creek HOA Official Website. As a homeowner in Kitts Creek, this is the central place to find events, news, and documents related to living here! It’s also a great place to find information for getting involved, general questions, and who to contact for what.

Here are a few things that are helpful to know!

  • Our HOA Board consists of 5 neighbors; you can read more about them here.
  • Our HOA is managed by CAS, Inc and our onsite property manager is named Sheryl Bauer.
  • We have various committees in the neighborhood to pique anyone’s interest and make it easy to become involved. See more here.
  • Understanding a neighborhoods covenants, bylaws and rules regarding architectural changes is important. Please make sure you have read and understand our governing documents to avoid surprises in the future.
  • Everything else can probably be answered via our FAQ but if not, just reach out to Carlie who’s happy to help!


Communication from the HOA and Social Committee are very important and you wouldn’t want to miss out on our next big event. To make sure you’re up to date, subscribe to our email list.

Welcome to Kitts Creek; we look forward to meeting you soon!