“Abandoned” Cars

It is not legal to store cars on public streets. Per Town ordinances, a car that is not moved for more than 7 days on a public street is considered possibly abandoned. MPD can flag these cars if they violate Town ordinances and then tow if the owner does not comply with removal. That is not new. What is new is that while the HOA cannot tow from a public street, it can fine the homeowner. If you feel there is an “abandoned” car on your street, please alert the MPD by contacting the Code Enforcement Officer John Barnard (919-463-6198,jbarnard@townofmorrisville.org) and the HOA (carlie@casnc.com) with as many details as you can. Enforcement on this requires our cooperation because we will know if a car has been left stored on our streets more quickly than MPD – Another good reason for residents to use our garages and driveways first, as is required. If you feel a car is being similarly stored in a KC parking lot, please contact Carlie. Thank you for your cooperation!